Choosing Between the Sony a6600 and the Fujifilm X-T3: Which One Is for You?

When it comes to flagship APS-C cameras, you’re spoiled for choice, and Sony and Fujifilm both have incredibly solid offerings packed full of features at very attractive prices. How do you choose between Sony’s a6600 and Fuji’s X-T3?

Tony Northrup runs you through the specs for each camera, giving you an overview as to how the cameras fit into each manufacturer’s lineup. As he mentions, in many ways, these are two very similar cameras and yet are also incredibly different, particularly in usability. As a Sony user, Fuji’s button and dial layout seem far more intuitive and satisfying to use, and Sony’s menu system is legendary for being a labyrinth of random capitalizations and unnecessary abbreviations.

For those leaning towards the a6600 when they start shipping at the end of the month, there is another factor to consider: the Sony a7 III just dropped in price by $200 (among a plethora of other great deals), and at $1,798, it’s currently only $400 more expensive than the APS-C a6600. As a premium for that larger, full-frame sensor, $400 does not seem like a lot of money.

Which camera would you add to your Christmas wish list? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Joe Feldman's picture

I choose the Fuji regardless of sensor size. Cameras are much more than just their sensors.

Sridhar Chilimuri's picture

Fuji XT3 wins easily. The colors and image quality of xt3 is way beyond Sony.

Fuji XT3, hands down. I sold my a6000 and a6500 because of the miserable shooting experience ( unless you shoot in auto). I mostly shoot Fuji now. I still have my A7iii for when I want the full frame benefits, and it handles reasonably well, but I don't use it as much as I used to. I use the X100s and XT20 for travel and street. I will get an XT30 when I have the cash.

Blake Aghili's picture

Fuji .. DUH :D

I am a Sony shooter but if I had to start over again I would go to Fuji.
The reason is a far more consistent and better aps-c line-up of lenses.
I don't want to go to full frame (bigger, more expensive and heavier lenses)
I can live with the fiddly Sony bodies but there are more Fuji aps-c lenses to choose from.

Andy Day's picture

Interesting to read the comments here - votes for the Fuji are universal. Better ergonomics, better 4k, better lens selection, less rolling shutter, and a dial under your forefinger like every other APS-C flagship.

I recently bought the a6400 because my a6300 broke again. The a600 wasn't launched yet.
I really love the a6400 for what it offers considering the price. I think the a6600 is somewhat overpriced. But the most overpriced item is the 16-50/f2,8. It doesn't even offer IS.

Wow, what did you do to your A6300s? I have 2: 1 from launch, and 1 purchased used from later in the year. Both have survived near-daily use for the past 3.5 years, along with decent pro use at events (250-1250 pics per camera each day). No issues.

And the 16-55/2.8 is the sharpest lens in its class, with excellent bokeh and fast AF, and still comes in as compact.,800.448,711.322,711.201,660.303,...

It's also using Sony's newest XD linear motor, which has only been used in the 400/2.8GM and 200-600 G so far. Plenty of people have used lenses in that class without stabilization for decades without issue, including me (Nikon 17-55 DX AF-S). Grab an A6500 or A6600 if you need stabilization.

I had two time a faulty board causing a shutter errror.

The a6600 is better compared to the x-H1 as both those have IBIS. I for one will never get a camera that does not have IBIS. So at this point I believe A7iii and Tamron lenses are the better choice:) even a x-H2 probably will be more expensive then A7iii. As a budget option the X-H1 looks attractive to me.

The X-H1 is a wonderful camera, I prefer to use it over my X-T3. The grip is wonderful, the auto focus is ok but not as good as the X-T3.

Stuart Carver's picture

Not even a contest really is it, one is one of the best mirrorless cameras on the market, the other isn’t.

I've had my eye on the a6600 for a while now, but the price is a problem. But as someone who shoots with legacy lenses I think the IBIS of the a6600 is ideal. I currently shoot mainly with my a6000, which is still going strong, so it's hard to justify spending $1400 for IBIS. By the way, the general trend of uncritical positive comments here from Fuji fans does not really reflect Tony Northrup's review, which makes me wonder if anybody actually took the time to watch the whole movie.

Stuart Carver's picture

To be fair we could say Northrup is a Sony shill, I don’t watch their channel, nor am I interested in the video but I’ve seen that accusation thrown around plenty of times.

I’ve got an X-T2 and it’s an excellent camera, so I can imagine the 3 is even better. I’ve read plenty of reviews on the Sony and it just doesn’t seem that great.

"To be fair" .. I'm sure your X-T2 is an excellent camera. Why not leave it at that? You've "read" plenty of reviews on the Sony, so you apparently have no firsthand knowledge, just as I have no firsthand knowledge of the Fuji camera. Still, you are happy to "shill" for Fuji. Personally I think the "analog" features on the Fuji are really gimmicky. To be able to manually set ISO, WB, and shutter speed... doesn't do it for me. What a waste of space. So I guess that's why I'm "shilling" for Sony, but I apart from that I have NO BASIS for running down your beloved Fuji. Is it really that important to you to shill for the Fuji tribe?

I choose Olympus E-M5 Mark III.
But between this two it would be hard. Normaly I would choose Fuji, but with the recent rebirth of the Sony APS-C lens lineup it would be hard.

Corey Weberling's picture

its weird that the Fuji is so much better in rolling shutter and 4K 60 and better bit rate.

Why is Sony taking so long to make those same strides? Was really thinking the 6600 would be it. The XT 3 must have some cheat codes in there.

Fuji has Sony's newest APS-C sensor, which Sony's video arm has supposedly called dibs on for some of their next video cameras. So it's off limits for Sony's photo cameras for the time being.

James Northrup's picture

X-T3... better glass. better ergonomics. Tony. Tony. Tony. You missed it on this one.

I shoot with both, but I am slowly selling off all of my Sony gear in favor of Fuji.

Elio Rivero's picture

Fujifilm X-T3 all the way. Better lens line up, colors, image quality, and even after that, the experience of shooting with a Fuji is much more streamlined that shooting with a Sony.

Wouldn't consider having to move my hands all around the top plate, rear, and lens to be streamlined, when the Sony can be fully operated with one hand while never having to change your grip to access all functions.

Also, colors are down to your editing ability unless you shoot JPG, and IQ in the end is basically the same outside of video.

A6600 = AF. X-T3 = video

X-T3 = first party lenses. A6600 = some APS-C and FF first party lenses, some APS-C and FF third party lenses, and some adapted first and third party lenses.

A6600 = much longer battery life, IBIS, unlimited video recording, and a front facing LCD. X-T3 = higher res EVF, 1/8000s & 1/32000s, and two SD slots.

Two cameras around the same price and in the same class, but with different potentials.

Actually went through this decision myself. Went with the XT3 a couple weeks ago (decision was mainly for video). That's despite the better battery and flipping screen on the 6600 for vlogging.

Sridhar Chilimuri's picture

I am sure you will be happy. The batteries are a problem with Fuji. Please carry extra especially if you shoot video. You will also need to keep batteries warm if you are shooting in extreme cold weather.