Crowd-Funded Gear: Photographer Seeks $6,500 for D4s

Stephen Yanni, Orlando  photographer started a GoFundMe campaign on Saturday to raise money to buy a Nikon D4s. Jared Polin of Fro Knows Photo made a YouTube video this evening talking about this unusual move. The video also has phone interview between Jared and the photographer. [Update: Yanni's GoFundMe was removed 03/05/2014].

Yanni explains why he elected to use this "alternative marketing method" citing taking over 100k images a year, requiring an upgrade every two years, and having limited ability to pick up extra events to cover the new gear.

Yanni has set up 6 tiers of rewards as detailed on his GoFundMe:


As written on GoFundMe:

Buying a new camera every two years is an expense that Pro-Photographers have to take on to keep up. (No they don't take any better pictures, but when you take 100,000 images a year they do wear out)

Help us get the latest and greatest and to maintain our edge in the Orlando Market.

We are not asking for a handout, the products listed all have value - (Save maybe our "Gratefulness").

Just last year, The Fro helped Jaleel King, another photographer raise over $9,000 towards purchasing a new wheelchair (as reported here).

While we've seen books, lenses, accessories, even apps (Shootset will be awesome whenever it comes out) funded on crowdsource sites like GoFundMe and KickStarter this campaign is the first to my knowledge to try to get equipment for an individual. As of the time of publication Yanni's GoFundMe is still yet to raise any money.

Where do you stand on Yanni seeking to crowdsource what is, in essence, a business expense?

[Via Fro Knows Photo]

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It's a foreign concept ...

Like it or not: Its a nice way of advertising even if nobody pays the man. His name is noticed and in that regard i tip my hat to him. *tips hat*
As far as those who dont like the idea: dont pay him.
When all is said and done im just a tiny little bit jealous i didnt think of this first to be honest.

He is trying something new, stop bashing him and give him the praise he deserves for being forward thinking and willing to try!

My spin is this, Fstoppers posted this fodder to create a straw dog to generate traffic. Surely I need to get a life, to rant or praise this guy. Live and let live folks.

Please take note while I have a low view overall of this web site, I do like a lot of posts. My low view is the amount of articles are "old news' and are re posted, over and over again. The nagigation part of this site is confusing. I would suggest to, Fstop "join us in paradise" crusade is not doing well, for an over priced vacation to watch someone shoot a camera.

Keep it simple for today

Go hit the local street corner with a hat and a whistle - its cool, the rest of us will work harder to afford our upgrades.

Such a useful comment, really adds to the dialogue.

I guess he is not a good business man if he has to ask for donations to buy a new camera

The site is a Funding site, not a donation site - I have provided the definition of each below since you have no idea of the difference.

Funding is the act of providing resources, usually in form of money (financing), or other values such as effort or time (sweat equity), for a project, a person, a business, or any other private or public institutions. The process of soliciting and gathering fund is known as fundraising.

A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause.

Funding or donation ... still the same basic principles remain.
If you need a fund to support your photography business then you do not need to be in business.

PLUS repairing a shutter is WAY cheaper than replacing an entire camera.
Its tacky ...
I actually know the difference but its ok to make your self look like an idiot trying to educate me on that ...smh
Either your are "him" or a friend defending this travesty.

So you work for free? Not for Funds?

Wow the intelligence .. now he try to twist words.

And if the points I raise are valid, then who I am or know is of little consequence. Do you think I write like the person that created this "Travesty"?

You do ... and you "try " to educate everyone on the definition like that will make a difference.

You now I am wondering .. what do all the photographers cope that shoot way over 100,000 images per year. As you know Nikon is not built for that .... smh

Did you know that the Shutter is not the only thing that wears out on a camera?

I wonder how photographers can use older model cameras ... they break down so easy and are worthless after 2 years.

The average repair cost of normal camera wear and tear is $300 to $1000 per year or pay $6000 plus for a new one.
Nikon camera D3 is rated for 300,000 shutter clicks so over 100,000 a year between bodies (as he said) is not enough to need a new model.