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DigitalRevTV Compares The Yongnuo And Canon 50mm F1.8

Two weeks ago we saw Tony Northrup comparing the Canon and Yongnuo 50mm 1.8 lenses with his thorough video. Now Kai of DigitalRevTV has decided to bring you his own version of this same comparison. In typical Kai fashion, his presentation is perhaps more humorous than scientific, but in between the jokes are some real kernels of truth. Take a look at how his analysis compares with Tony's and whether the Yongnuo copy is really worth the savings.

What is quite interesting to see is that both Tony and Kai draw quite a similar conclusion and see faults in very similar places. Despite quality control issues and some folks reporting better copies it is quite evident that there are certain downsides to the Yongnuo which a good batch can not fix. It stands to logic that generally a lower price point will require compromises in quality, but with the Canon already being SUCH a cheap lens, is that compromise really necessary?

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Spy Black's picture

On the one hand, I find it bizarre that Yongnuo decided to make a cheap clone of an already cheap lens, even down to it's physical look. On the other hand, being as initial results were more positive, I wonder if Yongnuo will try to step up QC on this, considering the subsequent press they've been getting, and assuming they want to care. Most of their stuff is actually quite good, so this is a strange anomaly in their line if gear. Not sure they really should have gone here, but now that they have, it'll be interesting to see if they step up to the plate and improve the beast. The fact that they've gone here is still kinda weird tho.

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