DPReview TV Presents the DPReview Awards for the Best Gear of 2018

DPReview has been around for a while now, giving incredible technical overviews of cameras with beautifully standardized tests. The 2018 DPReview Awards came out recently, and now, the fantastic Chris Nichols and the DPReview team have come out with a charming video giving a rundown of every award winner.

Now, while there are a few upsets, overall, I agree with the list. It feels well balanced, almost to a fault to be truly honest, and they go into just enough detail that even if you don't agree, you can at least respect their reasoning for the decisions. The overall winner of best product, the Sony a7 III, is incredibly deserving of the title. It is a fantastic product at under $2,000, keeping the megapixel count under 30 on the full-frame camera definitely helps with low light and just makes me more interested in seeing what they have in store for the a7S III.

The best accessory section of the awards are particularly nice, just not for my wallet. 

What do you think of the video? Was there anything you think didn't deserve the award? 

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Thomas H's picture

I had to smile while reading this text: So much hyperbole! Tests are "incredible", they are "beautifully" crafted, Chris is "incredible", video is "charming". Tests are "to the fault true honest". And so on. As it seems, Dpreview has a real fan here.
Many people read Dpreview for the laundry list of specifications, but other that: My impression is that often the "specs" are the measure of all things, not the practical usability. The photography in galleries are basically snapshots. Their approach reminds me of the HiFi era, where we red the "specs" from brochures, and took the amplifier with -98dB noise and not the one with -96dB. It was more complicated when (say) the 1st one has had 0.003% signal distortion, but the other "only" 0.002%. So is Preview. Lets take -5EV exposed image, boost it and make a decision based on such extreme cases. "Beautifully crafted" though.

Patrick Rosenbalm's picture

Love your analogy to the Hi-Fi era. Don't forget those expensive high end RCA cables! ;-)

Should we care? The shot is what counts and who cares what camera or accessories were used? But in this internet world we do lose objectivity and succumb to hyperbole.

Jonathan Brady's picture

Hate DPR? Don't go there. Pretty simple.

Can't unsee it.