DSLR Versus Mirrorless Cameras: Which Is the Right Choice for You?

If you are looking to buy a new camera and not sure if you should go with a DSLR or mirrorless camera or possibly even making a switch away from DSLR to mirrorless, it's important to know what advantages each system has to better fit your needs.

While mirrorless camera systems are much newer than DSLR systems, it doesn't necessarily mean they're the best choice for everyone. In this video, David Flores with B&H shares the differences between each system and highlights the advantages they have over each other to help assist you in making the correct decision for yourself and your needs. Today, mirrorless cameras seem to be the popular answer among many photographers. While many are happy with this path, not all experiences have been optimal, resulting in some photographers going back to DSLRs. I would say that mirrorless cameras are increasingly getting better at narrowing the gap of disadvantages between their counterparts. With either option, you will be able to create beautiful results, and in the end, the answer is user preference. 

Which type of camera system are you currently using and what are some of the key factors of you choosing that platform?

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Not natively but, from what I understand, some lens adapters are very good.

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A limitation in the availability of lenses (which are clearly coming at some point) is not a limitation on the technology itself.

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I was a point where I was looking at:
A. Updating old Canon cameras (1ds, 1dmk2, 5d2) and lenses like 1st gen AF 70-200, 16-35, 24-70, 300 2.8) = $
B. Selling Canon for Sony = $
C. Retiring = ¢

A was my first idea but the Canon sensors kept betting bigger but not better (5Ds) and my experience with 5d2 autofocus (aka If you want perfect AF get a 1Dx or a Nikon) made me look elsewhere.

B is what I did. I have a bunch of new lenses and 2 Sony bodies (4 if you count the a600 and RX100) that I use professionally. I could not be happier withe the files (I use C1) and the lenses, the bodies with a grip aren't bad, the cost is relatively close to Canon and Nikon glass, I have grown to love the EVF, the weight issue is a moot point because I always seem to carry half an suv of gear to every job anyway... :(
TBH I still use the 1dmk2 and a Sig 24-105 for some higher framerate stuff.

While C was appealing it is early for that.

I live in LA so Sony Pro Support is closer than Canon CPS in Irvine, Batteries are or will get better, to me it's like complaining about having to stop recharge my Tesla more than putting gas in my F150. not a hard wrk around, carry a couple batteries...

Looking forward to what ML Canikon comes up with.

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Question : seriously, and in the higher honest way possible : how did your photos improve going from Canon dSLR to SONY MILC ?
If you jumped from 5D MkII to 5D Mk4, don't you think the jump was far less expensive for similar improvments ? (real life photos DR is on par between latest Canon sensors and others brands, only tortures tests are giving the edge for anything but Canon)

Really, I am still puzzled how easy some photographers can swap their system to another, and finaly none have improved results apart for thoses searching a cheap and basic moviecam...

And how can you bear the livestream that is not in native resolution of the EVF ? chimping in EVF is nice, but the liveview is horrible and I cannot stand nor understand how SONY can release such sub-par EVF experience whereas the OLED EVF panel could give really better results (but still far as nice than an OVF, for me).