Edelkrone Releases the 'World's Smartest 2-Axis Motion Control System'

In the quest to achieve smooth panning shots for cinematographers everywhere, there are several different methods and tools to use. Usually, if you want to do a targeted curved panning shot around your subject, you would have to set up a track and dolly system. With the advancement in drones, you can now use those for outdoor shots, but what if you wanted something that didn’t require as much space and work indoors?

Edelkrone has released their new SurfaceONE which they dub as the “world’s smartest 2-Axis motion control system.” Paired with the SurfaceONE and your gear, you can shoot almost anywhere with a smooth and flat surface to achieve straight or curved slide shots and panning shots. You can also set it any of the modes into shooting motion time-lapse.

The SurfaceONE pairs up with iPhone 5 and up models equipped with iOS 9.0 or later for Apple users.  Android users don't worry, phones equipped with Android 5.0 or later OS will work as well. With the built-laser laser pointer to help set up your endpoints, you can set your shot pretty quickly with precise controls. Partner the SurfaceONE with their FlexTILT Head 2 for even more control and adjustments.

Starting out at $689.99, this might not be a tool for everyone. However, it aims to provide a quick and easy setup to nail those perfect panning shots.

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Bill Larkin's picture

love it.

Uwe Neugebauer's picture

their products make me wanna dive into videography...

A Roomba for DSLRs!

Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

This is a really cool video production tool. I'd like to check this out

I wonder if it has "shocks" on those tiny thin wheels... otherwise it may be limited to operating on only absolutely pristine floor/surface to roll on. Love this concept, just hope they address the obvious concern.