The Edelkrone Wing: Compact Smooth Dynamic Video Motion

Those of you who work with video will have heard the name Edelkrone passed around in regards to video and photography equipment, particularly in the compact market that's small in size, easily transportable, and reliable. Recently though they announced the release of their newest piece of gear they call, The Edelkrone Wing, marketed to achieve "perfect camera slides with no rails."

Now when most people think of linear camera movement, they think of things like dollies and sliders to get the job done, even in table top settings, but setting those up can be time consuming. Is this little gizmo going to be the end all for compact professional quality video projects? Probably not, but if you do a large quantity of table top or small scale film projects, this might just be what you need. 

edelkrone videography cinematography rendering fstoppers photography

A top down view of the edelkrone Wing showing the linear path that the Wing is capable of.

Sketch Photoshop Videography Photography Planning Go Pro Iphone Sony A7 edelkron

Shown here with an assortment of other familiar objects emphasizes the small compact nature of the Wing.

Now as you can see above, the Wing is extremely compact and could easily be stowed away among your other gear for those on the go projects which definitely could prove to to be immensely beneficial. Now if you've watched the video or looked at these photos close enough, you'll notice that at the moment there aren't any real photos of the Wing in it, and that all the images in the video are rendered videos. 

Sketch Photoshop Videography Photography Planning edelkron

The Edelkrone Wing Mounted on a tripod holding a Sony a7 camera.

That's because the Wing hasn't been released yet; it's due to release on September 26 of this year. You can however go ahead and purchase your Wing in a preorder for $250 USD shipping from Florida. Now if you've stuck with this article this long it's probably because it looks like a really good deal and you really wanted to get something like this on a smaller scale than what motion control systems are currently running for cost-wise, but there's one more catch that you may or may not have caught in the video.

While the video has shown a lot of smooth, effortless movement of the Wing moving the phone or camera through the scene without assistance from any outside force, the Wing is in fact not motorized. It does have an interior system of essentially pulleys and cables to connect the different sections of the Wing to make them work together and ensure the streamlined movement, but it runs 100% on human power at this point. This could be a good thing or it could render it more difficult to use, only time will tell. What are your thoughts on it? Is the Wing something you would use, or would you wait for it to come out and see what people say? Would you be more interested in a motorized version?

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Justin Haugen's picture

I would pay $250 more for a motorized version of that.

No motor, no sale.

Max Leitner's picture

How on earth do you manage this type of misspelling. Fstoppers, how about y'all proofread each other?!

Usman Dawood's picture

So no motor and can only hold 1.5kg, this looks like a bit of gimmick.

VERY disingenuous advertisement in their video. If this was motorized (and still smooth/quiet) I'd definitely be interested

I have purchased almost ALL of Edelkrone's gear, for video production. My guess is that this 'WING' will be hand pushed/pulled but, based on previous gear and their design language/concepts, I bet this will have a 'drag' adjustment somewhere somehow... also I bet they WILL offer an "OPTIONAL" motor for this in the future. Just my thoughts.

Ryan Pramik's picture

No you're absolutely right in that it will be manually operated, at the moment I'm not sure how exactly though whether it is being pushed or pulled, I am curious to see how it works in practice. Additionally though you are correct, the knob under the middle segment is in fact a friction/drag adjustment knob that applies what I'm assuming is a low pressure brake to the central pulley.

Glidearm is a similar product but with panning as well. They have some videos and handling should be the same as the wing.