Elinchrom Announces ELM8: A Wireless Continuous LED Light

Elinchrom Announces ELM8: A Wireless Continuous LED Light

Elinchrom has entered the world of LED lights, debuting the ELM8, a continuous light source compatible with the variety of Elinchrom's light shapers.

If you have been working with Elinchrom's flash system, you are probably familiar with their modifiers that also happen to work with their previous generation of continuous lights: Scanlite, a halogen hot light. It's great to hear that their newest child, the ELM8 LED, is compatible with their current modifiers. But, enough about compatibility. Let's jump onto the tech specifications.

Dimensions and Weight

The light is very small with dimensions of 7.87 x 3.78 x 3.78 inches and weighs 2.645 lbs. These measurements are of the unit with the battery.

Build Quality

The ELM8 is said to be rugged and built like a tank. It is water-resistant with an IP54 rating and shockproof, being able to survive an impact if dropped from up to three feet.

Light Quality and Output

The unit is daylight-balanced with a color temperature of 56,00 K with a CRI 93 and TLCI of 94. As with their flash system, that light is consistent throughout all power levels. It is also flicker-free, which makes it perfect not only for photography, but for video too. Its native beam angle is 120 degrees, but that can be narrowed with accessories such as their 50-degree Focus Optic DM, Fresnel 25-degree, and Barn Doors that are sold separately. The light output is 8,000 lumens. Its LUX rating is 16,320 at three feet with a Fresnel 25-degree adapter.

Power and Run Time

The ELM8 It is battery operated with an integrated Li-Ion battery, but can run on AC as well. Its maximum charge time is estimated at two hours. It can run continuously between 50 and 245 min, depending on the power level.


An integrated fan turns on at low speed when light output exceeds 5,100 lumens, and switches to high speed above 6,400 lumens.

Remote Control

The ELM8 has a built-in Skyport receiver that can work on 20 different frequencies and can be used in up to four groups. Elinchrom provides a remote control that is sold separately. It can be controlled via the Elinchrom's Skyport radio protocol and is compatible with the Phottix Odin II transmitter.

Light Shapers and Accessories

The light is directly compatible with all Q-mount accessories, which means the mount is the same as their Quadra heads. You may need an EL Adapter MKII if you want to use it with all other Elinchrom's light shapers.

Pricing and Availability

The Elinchrom ELM8 is available as of August 5, 2019 and is priced at 1,699 USD and 1,379 EUR for those that are purchasing from dealers in Europe.

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michaeljin's picture

Of course they would announce this right after I purchase a Godox SL-200W and buy Bowens speedrings just to be able to swap my Elinchrom modifiers onto that light... -_- Whatever... I'm not a video person and I still saved money, I suppose. For that price, I'd probably still just go with a Hive Lighting light and use the Elinchrom to Profoto adapter. :/

michaeljin's picture

I don't think you fully appreciate the irony of your post. 🤣

Edison Wrzosek's picture

Having recently been forced to use Elinchrom studio strobes on a shoot (provided at the studio I shot at), I have to say, WORST system I have used, EVER! The lights themselves were OK (DX-4's), but the control interface and transmitter (SkyPort) were HORRENDOUS!!!

I personally own all Godox portable strobes for on-site work, and after this past experience, Elinchrom is dead to me. Why someone would pay 5-10x the price for this junk is beyond me.

Jay Jay's picture

Pretty expensive as usual for Elin gear. Worth it? Not with competitors such as Godox.

michaeljin's picture

The specs of this light certainly don't seem to be competitive with what's currently available on the market... :/

Daris Fox's picture

You're paying for support, reliability and a dealer presence. I've Eli lights that's now approaching 20 years of daily use which are still repaired and serviced. Can you point me to Godox lights that can say the same?

However, sadly he market being what is with the Chinese cloning products as soon as they're released it doesn't pay to do R&D anymore nor has here been any interesting light developments in the last few years just rehashes of old concepts or collaborations with rebrands. Though in this case, Eli tend to make component choices that are higher quality if they do release a similar device (case in example the Safari packs).

The main problem I have with this unit is the lack of detachable battery but the price is in the same ball park as other professional LED lighting. If you think this is expensive I wouldn't look at Arri gear, sure this is too expensive for your case use but for professionals that want a light that's going to work with their existing gear and with the rigours of business then they're willing to pay.

michaeljin's picture

With Elinchrom, I can confidently say that you're NOT paying for support because their support is absolutely atrocious. Also just because Arri is also overpriced for its specs doesn't mean that this isn't.

Motti Bembaron's picture

Technically, any strobes made after the originals, made by Fox-Talbot, are clones.

The fact that they are from China does not make them a clone, just much more affordable.

Jay Jay's picture

If you do some searching on any given photo board or amazon review, you'll notice what Elin is known for is OK reliability and worse, extremely poor customer support. I had a bad ELB400 battery charging system right out of the box and after 2 emails to their support, none of them replied. The one time they did reply on a separate issue a year prior, they cut and paste a generic how-to response, which was not even in reference to my question. I've also had plenty of other issues, including poor design, a substandard method of mounting modifiers, and units falling apart with light usage.

I've dumped their entire system and gone with Godox AD600 and AD200, both being rock solid and miles ahead of Elin.

Daris Fox's picture

Yet, I've got over 10 Eli lights used over nearly 18 years of photography and three of those are all Quadra lights of various ages. I've had three lights fail, and one fixed under warranty by going to the dealer and the other two by their repair centre at a reasonable cost (cracked case by a client and a transformer failure for the other after 10 years).

Eli's support is probably better in Europe, as they're a European company but those lights have been through hell and back and never let me down including being dragged all over the UK. I've got BRX lights, BX and RX units alongside the Quadra.

As with any company you pick your poison. Personally I mostly control my lights from the computer, as I've built sets so that's invaluable for me and I've not a found another company that offers this yet.

Jay Jay's picture

Actually, If you have read any A/B review of Godox to Profoto, specifically with the AD600 strobes to the Profo counterparts, everyone states that Godox leads Profoto at their own features, and leaves them in the dust at that, for a fraction of what Profoto charges. So obviously quite a bit of R&D is involved, with even Chinese gear.

Deleted Account's picture

I quite like the look of this. Could be interesting.
Rather concerned at the seemingly foxed battery? Plus, controls on top of the unit? Bit odd. Then again, you're likely to have the Skyport controller anyway if you're buying into this.

IP54 rating is handy too, lighting is delicate so good to know this can take a knock, albeit light knocks.

The usual noise about being too expensive compared to Chinese stuff is all over the various sites. Then buy Chinese stuff, nobody will mind. If I'm buying kit, I buy it for work, I like a good backup service for all my kit.

I'll certainly give it a go as I already have a load of Elin modifiers.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

My only concern is also the battery. I'm using Quadras for 10 years and the only thing I had to change were the batteries (and of course flash tubes). It will be interesting to see if this battery can be serviced. I don't think it will be very hard to do that by yourself, but it depends on the type of batteries that are inside and if you can find them sold separately.

Deleted Account's picture

I've always used Elin Quadras, had some issues with the batteries and even the last ELB400 needed a new battery, (replaced under warranty)
I've recently bought a ProFoto B10 and the magic there is the battery is removable. I do hope this is a serviceable item, I'll not had time to dig around all the press releases and info but I'm sure that matter will pop up soon.

Ted Mercede's picture

Couldn't agree more. Look at what the iPhone started without "replaceable" batteries, a whole market of professionals having to replace the batteries when they fail. Of course Apple stated to last the life of the phone....

The question is: is this the same one with the same specs but only cheaper? https://www.lightandmotion.com/shop/stella-cl-series/clx8
I wonder if it has the Skyport functions

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Got the same question earlier. I don't have the answer either.

I sent Light & Motion a comment. If I get an answer I will come back to it.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

It's the same unit, that's why ELM 8 won't be sold in the US, but the CLX 8 will.

Elinchrom and Light and Motion have a collaboration and the light has been developed as such, with the Q mount and Skyport. It's manufactured by Light and Motion. Hope that clears it up!

Timothy Turner's picture

Just a comment about led or any form of continuous light, I have been using this type more lately, I like not being confined to things like recycle times and being being confined to a certain range of shutter speeds.

Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Each has its pros and cons. You are more limited by the power source (both as output power and input) with continuous lights for photography.

Alex Herbert's picture

I can imagine all those poor models having to stare into a blinding constant light while Timothy uses it to overpower the sun... You're an evil man Timothy, an evil man!

Timothy Turner's picture

You are correct, Speedlights have much more intensity than continuous lights, but with continuous lights you are not confined to a range of shutter speeds. I am not saying anything that any one doesn't know, just sharing, I have been watching the work of Shavonne Wong, sorry if if I didn't spell that right, but she uses one speed light with a shoot through umbrella, I am going to try this.

Timothy Turner's picture

I should specify still life, as for portraits, which I do very little of, I would use either a speed light, or a reflector, sorry did'nt mean to scare anyone

Alex Herbert's picture

That's right Timothy, cover your tracks!

Timothy Turner's picture

Have you seen the work of George Hurrell he worked in Hollywood from the 1920's to 1940's he used hot lights, speed lights did not exist then, on the other hand, relax it's just photography

Alex Herbert's picture

I'm only winding you up. I'm sure you treat your talent with nothing but respect. I'll look him up, thanks for the tip!

Alex Herbert's picture

Actually one of my favourite Instagram photographers uses hot lights for studio shoots @brooily

Ervan RVN's picture

i think it's really handy LED light, lightweight, good for outdoor photoshot/video and useful for indoor too with AC adapter. their water resistace and shockprove is really nice feature. I just hope their CRI is up to 95 or 96 with that price.. but it really nice to have it :))
this light remind me with yongnuo 760 led light with a low price chinnese stuft but with heavy and annoying battery attach system..