This Is The First Fake MB-D12 Battery Grip For The D800

Last month we published a post on Fstoppers informing you guys that the first batch of knockoff MB-D12 battery grips for the Nikon D800 were available on eBay. It took over a month for the grip to show up from Hong Kong but yesterday I finally got it. If you have been considering buying one of these you will want to watch our full review.

When I purchased this grip off of eBay last month it was the only knockoff MB-D12 available. The brand name of this thing is the "Pixel Vertax D12". The confusing thing is that now there seem to be multiple knockoff manufactures on eBay but I've learned that in many cases it will be the exact same product with simply a different name on it. I would love to buy them all to find the absolute best but I don't have the time to do that.

From the little research I have done the 2 main knock off brands that appear to be different are "Pixel" and "MeiKe". Both of these grips are available on Amazon as well now and they are getting positive reviews.

The Pixel version (the one I reviewed) is for sale for $102 and the Meike version is for sale for just $60.

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I remember buying a Zeikos grip for my D700 which worked fine until the grip battery ran out. It would then freeze the camera up and the way to get it back to normal was to take the battery tray out. That ruined my experience with aftermarket grips. Can you test the grip to the point where it would have to switch from grip battery to camera battery?

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I have the real MB-D12 from nikon and would have bought the aftermarket one of it was available at the time.  The first Genuine MB-D12 the store brought in for me didn't work.  A $500 piece of plastic (ahem, magnesium) didn't work?  BS.  They ordered me another that works but I don't believe $400-$500 is a fair price when a knock-off can be had for $100. 

I have aftermarket grips on my D7000, D700 and D5100 and I prefer them all to the originals.

Take Lee's advice and as ING guy would say... "save your money."

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This was a GREAT video. I would love it if you guys would also review the new "MeiKe MK900" knock-off of the Nikon SB-900 speedlight. The Meike knock off sells for about $180 on ebay and it is supposed to have full Nikon CLS compatibility. This could be a HUGE cost savings for Nikon photographers who want a multi-speedlight CLS setup.

It's called 3rd party, not fake.  A fake one would have the Nikon logo on it but not be from Nikon.  Also, what's up with the Hitler stasche? 

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can someone post the name of the  song that was used in the background ? 

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Hi guys, im planning to buy the 3rd party grip, my question is that will the battery life be affected? my last fake grip with original nikon battery didnt last as long as the original grip with original battery.. has this issue been fixed with the 3rd party grip.

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You can order these from
I have placed many orders from there for camera accesories.

I am waiting for my fake to come for my d800.

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what really right stuff L bracket (or other Arca Swiss style) plate will fit on the Meike?  Is the same one as the original Nikon version?  RRS says no, but its hard for me to tell without holding them both in my hand.