A First Look at the New Profoto A1X

The Profoto A1 was met with mixed reactions when it was released, with many shying away from the price, but also generally quite good reviews from those who used it. Profoto recently released an updated version, the A1X, which improves on the original in several ways. This great video takes a look at the changes in the new model and what it's like to shoot with.

Coming to you from Miguel Quiles, this video takes a look at the new Profoto A1X flash. The A1X picks up where the A1 left off. First and perhaps most importantly, the new model brings compatibility with Sony mirrorless cameras, which should be quite pleasing to those shooting them. In addition to the increased compatibility, the new model brings better battery life, decreased recycle times, and a revamped screen taken from the B10 monolight. While it comes with quite the hefty price tag, for those already in the Profoto ecosystem, it could be a logical addition to their kit. Furthermore, if the A1X is more than you need, but you're still interested, Profoto dropped the price of the A1 by $200 with the release of the new version. Check out the video above for Quiles' thoughts. 

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