Five Reasons to Hate the Sony a7R IV

Sony took the industry a little bit by surprise when it suddenly announced the launch of the a7R IV, especially given that the a7S III has yet to see the light of day. No doubt, the a7R IV is an amazing camera, but there are still some fundamental issues that Sony failed to address in its latest camera.

In this detailed video, Tony Northrup lists five things about the camera that he absolutely hates, despite the fact that he has preordered the camera and loves the loaner unit that he’s been testing over the last month.

I can completely relate to all of Northrup’s points, but the one that I can probably sympathize with the most is the shoddy connectivity. As the video explains, it’s 2019, and when compared to a smartphone, the system by which we transfer images to be able to edit and share them has barely progressed in the last 20 years. In an era when even a fridge can send images, why are cameras so far behind?

With Sony as a manufacturer, the woeful design and functionality of its smartphone app is inexplicable. This is a company that knows mobile connectivity and knows how to build apps, and if it didn’t, it certainly has the resources to find some people to help out.

Will you be ordering the a7R IV? And will any of the reasons listed by Northrup cause you to hold off? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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I won't watch Northrup, so nothing he says will influence me one way or the other.

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wow, insightful stuff there Erpillar.

I agree with Erpillar actually

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How on earth do you ‘hate’ a camera? Really?
Just don’t buy it, why waste time and effort making a video about it? Move on? Get a life?

Btw, I don’t give a flying shake about who made the video, I’m not going to even watch it. The tittle of the article says enough about the sorry little bubble some people live in.

It's his way of earning money. Best is to totally ignore such "influencers".

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He did not say don't buy the camera or that he hates the camera, he said there are features that he basically wishes were better, by now you guys should know that YouTube is all about click baiting, I watched the video when it came out and though I'm not a Sony shooter, I think his points are valid for someone who does.
at the end of the day, camera's will never be perfect, there will always be functions and features that someone wish it had.

Unless I'm missing something, how are you going to record video while the card is being actively written to? This is a camera, not a computer, why would you expect to be able to simultaneously write from buffer and record video? Switching from FF to APS-C mode is somewhat valid though.

Connectivity thing really is kind of an issue. Can't argue there.

Controls also agree, even though I probably wouldn't shoot video with it, so it's a non-issue for me personally. Don't agree with exposure compensation part though. I personally love it.

Sensor dust is not a Sony problem, it's a mirrorless problem. And with that said, I've only ever had major issues with it when changing lenses kind of carelessly, no issues otherwise. He even admits that Nikons are just as bad. Though I can see how it could be a major issue in some situations.

As for the #1 reason, the menu, it absolutely is clunky, especially if you're switching from Canon. With that said though, it's only an issue if you're switching from another system. A7III was my first camera since my EOS T3 was confiscated at an airport and I never managed to get it back. So essentially I don't know any better so it works for me. Weak argument, sure, but I love my A7III and RIV and the AF alone outweighs those issues for me.

I've long ago decided to never watch a "Everything Wrong With" or "Five Reasons to Hate", etc Youtube videos. Like, I'm glad it works for the people who make them with clicks and views, but it's just such low hanging fruit.

"Five Reasons to Hate the Sony a7R IV"? Someone could make a "Five Reasons to Hate Nazis" video and it's like now you have to give me a video on which you hate more and by how much more you hate one over the other.

These videos just follow terrible comments on youtube or reddit where giving the negative or things to hate point of view is somehow productive in someones mind. If I wanted that, I'd sort your video comments by "the least productive comments".

On a positive note. One Reasons to Love Sony a7R IV.

I like taking photos and new technology. *Thumbs up emoji*

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I can give you way more than 5 reason why not to bother about what Tony Northrup says.

I'd actually be interested to hear those reason. I'm not a fan, but I've watched a few of his videos and don't really get the whole "I wouldn't listen to what Tony has to say" thing. Like...he seems knowledgeable enough, unless I'm missing something?

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I'm kinda new to this, but I've heard his name and watched a couple of his videos. What to you mean by "sell out"? I try to watch a lot of different videos to learn. Lots of different information out there so I try to get a balanced look at things. He seems knowledgeable. I wouldn't buy something based solely on his word.

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#1 His only goal is to make the buzz
#2 He looks as plastic as buzz lightyear
#3 He scares people out by telling fake or inaccurate things
#4 He uses to say the opposite of what he said 3 months ago (dslr vs mirrorless, small vs big sensor, nikon & canon vs sony, etc)
#5 He plays the fortune teller, talking about things that didn't happen, and actually won't
#6 He would lie to us if it can get him profits, and he doesn't even tries to hide it.

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#1. He's a youtuber. It's his profession. It's like complaining that CEOs are out to make money.
#2. Judging people by their appearance. Smooth.
#3 #4 #5 #6. Links to example, please.

He's a fraud who can easily be bought, so his opinion has zero real value. Much like a lot of topics on this site. "Don't buy this" "Don't buy that", "This is my new favorite this", it's nothing but a bunch a click bait BS to attract views and stir the pot. But you're right, we're all out to make money. Screw integrity lol

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Who bought him and when? Links please!

Pierre Dasnoy's picture

#1 : I have nothing against people making the buzz, when what they say is accurate.
#2 : Yep, I went down to his level.
#3 to #6 : Go check his last 100 video titles.

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#1. Regarding gear, what has he said that's inaccurate? Can you give a specific example?
#2. Can you give an instance when he mocks someone's appearance? I've not noticed this.
#3-6. I'm looking at his last twenty and I'm not sure what you're referring to. Can you give specific examples?

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I guess having an opinion is a bad thing. I have even more items that I 'hate' about Sony cameras which is why I don't or won't own one. The next guy may 'hate' Canon cameras for whatever reasons but it doesn't make him/her a fraud or a charlatan.

Don't like the guy? There are options...

Bad title for the article. Tony actually loves the camera and overall feels it is the best camera available. However, there are 5 things he would really like to see improved. I agree with most, but not all of the 5 items.

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Unless there's something really flawed with the mount (body/lens), I don't see how he can have such an issue with sensor dust. I don't have the a7R IV, but, have the a7R II, and a7 III. Most of my shoots are at the beach, desert, woods, etc, and don't have sensor dust issues like he has. Seems odd to me.

As for the Movie Mode, why not just press the red record button?

Five reasons to look for attention...

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He mentioned that Canon's R has less of a sensor dust problem. The shutter comes down over the sensor when the camera is turned off. So.....when you change lenses, shut the R off and there is less chance of sensor dust.

I wouldn't be surprised to see the other companies try to duplicate this 'shutter down' feature of the R. I'm sure Canon has patented it, but my guess is that the other companies will figure out a work around so that they can do the same thing.

Canon is supposed to be coming out with some interesting products in Q1 2020. Hopefully it will put them on nearly equal footing and I might consider going mirrorless. The ergonomics, dust, and crazy menus made me keep my dslr.

Bunch of great points, Tony! Camera companies still struggle so much with UI and with features other devices have had for years. I understand the slow cycle for some hardware, but they can do better. Sony in particular is well positioned to do better.

Clickbait..... Watch my video... Make me money. Take "one" of the best cameras made and say.."...reasons to 'hate' it...." Yeah right. Not professional

The 5 reasons could have been summarized instead of wasting time watching a video.

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I hope that camera companies don't listen to what Youtubers say

David Pavlich's picture

I disagree. While not all 'advice' from You Tubers is warranted, some wants have merit. A couple of complaints from Sony users was the lousy buttons and the exposure comp dial moving inadvertently and these problems were mentioned by You Tubers. Guess what? Sony did something about them.

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and now Tony does not like it lol

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