Fstoppers Is Giving Away An Apple Macbook Air Through Twitter!

Well the title pretty much says it all and you only have 3 day left to enter! Fstoppers is excited to announce a new twitter contest where you can win one of the brand new Apple Macbook Air 11.6" Notebooks. All you have to do to enter the contest is follow Fstoppers and BHPhotoVideo on Twitter, and tweet the following message:

"Retweet this message and follow @Fstoppers and @BHPhotoVideo to win a new Macbook Air: http://bit.ly/n81043"

This contest ends on October 12, 2011 so make sure you get your tweet in before then because the following day we will announce the lucky random follower.

This contest is open to anyone worldwide but the winner assumes responsibility for any and all shipping costs outside of North America as well as any local taxes in your place of residency. Valid tweets are only accepted from 11:59 PM Wednesday Sept 21st, 2011 through 12:01 AM Wednesday October 12th, 2011 (all times Eastern Time Zone).

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I really have to thank BH for this contest. They are being extremely generous by donating this laptop. Thanks for supporting FS!

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 You guys are rocks

Fuck it's picture

can i retweet more than once, and will this make my chances higher?

No, that will not help your chances statistically but it may help your karma ;)

Jonathan Balaban's picture

I need this laptop to feed my starving children.  But seriously guys, no pressure...

Your children eat laptops? You know Apple is the name of the brand, right?  ;)

Well i need it to upload my pictures of Jonathan's starving children and the BTS video :-)

Paul Houston's picture

Done!  Although the chances are ridiculously low, I have high hopes.  Thank you guys.

Patrick Hall's picture

I try to tell myself the same thing every time I goto Vegas....I think your odds here are actually better :)

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If our twitter button is accurate by any means, you currently have a 1 in 200 chance of winning :)


I asked on youtube also but if my twitter account is private do you still see my re-tweet?

That I am honestly not sure about. Isn't private/twitter an oxymoron? 

Buffalo Photographer's picture

No, only public tweets would be visible.

I guess that means I gotta make it public! hope it's worth it ;)  Thanks!

Awesome twitter contest! I'm gonna win this thing!

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is this just for people in the states or would u send to the uk should i be lucky?

 "This contest is open to anyone worldwide but the winner assumes responsibility for any and all shipping costs outside of North America as well as any local taxes in your place of residency."

Btw. Don't bother to enter this competition, the laptop is going to Sweden! ;) Awesome work B&H and Fstoppers!

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Instead of winning the macbook air, can I just come hang out with you guys so I can learn a bunch of cool new things? :) Especially if you're ever visiting Hawaii, hit me up!!

Hah! Heck yes if you give me the MacBook air I'll hang out with you all the time :)

Patrick Hall's picture

I don't even require that....just a plane flight during a nice summer month :)

Kid Digital.'s picture

I give him the MBA, he buys you the ticket, I get free world class training from the pros.. sounds like a win->win->win situation to me!

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you're on buddy.. now if i could only win that contest.....

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Very cool contest guys! Thanks B&H. "Show me the MONEY!" (I mean the MacBook)

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*crosses fingers*!

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Done in english and spanish :)

Hey Patrick ... did you lost weight?

Patrick Hall's picture

I haven't been in the gym in a few months....so yes, I've lost some weight.  Thanks for noticing

I will win o/ and i will pay all costs to send to Brazil o/