Fstoppers Hands-on Look at the Hasselblad CFV II 50C (and X1D II 50C)

With companies like Fujifilm entering the medium format industry, it's not going to be an easy place to compete, especially for a company like Hasselblad. The new Fuji GFX 100 looks pretty incredible; however, Hasselblad does seem to have a few tricks left up its proverbial sleeve. 

Recently, I was invited to a launch event that Hasselblad hosted in London to take a look at the new X1D II 50C and the CFV II 50C. Personally, I wasn't too impressed by the X1D upgrade, as it's pretty much the same camera, save a few updates. What did catch my attention, however, is the new CFV II 50C. Although the body we had at the event was not one we could test or take photographs with, I could see the potential in this system. I believe this new back along with the 907 X body is precisely what Hasselblad needed in order to compete in the medium format industry. It's difficult to compete with sheers specifications against a company like Fujifilm and its vast resources, but Hasselblad is playing this pretty smart by leveraging its legacy. The CFV II could open a lot of doors in the future for how Hasselblad continues in the medium format industry, and I'm very happy about this. 

Check out the full video to get a first look at the new CFV II and X1D II. 

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Tim Gallo's picture

what is the price for CFV II? probably buy it whatever the price :)

Usman Dawood's picture

No information regarding the price has been released just yet. I'm assuming it may cost around the price of the X1D II but I could be wrong.

Tim Gallo's picture

Hopefully thats where the price will be :) though I have a feeling Hasselblad can pull a hassel-blad on this one :)

Iain Stanley's picture

It looks rather awkward, ergonomically....

Usman Dawood's picture

Super comfortable in the hand though :-).

Blake Aghili's picture

No more Hasselbald digital for me, hello Phase! ... bought the first series of X1 and sold it two months later but yeah that new one looks cool ..it is for V series and not the H series so that's a negative I think .. but it is a cool looking camera ...

Usman Dawood's picture

It does work with H series lenses so it's essentially compatible.

Timothy Gasper's picture

If it's what it appears to be overall, then sign me up. Will wait for more feedback on this. Would love to use it with my V lenses.

have one with black trim!

Usman Dawood's picture

Black on black? Very dark :P

probably not difficult to paint once bought right?