Fujifilm X-H1: Has-Been or Awesome Deal?

Technology in the video world is moving at a blistering pace. With new features being released seemingly every month, once-hyped cameras are being tossed by the wayside faster than ever in favor of the next big thing. Although this trend of rapid obsolescence could be seen as a negative, it often results in just-shy of cutting edge technology rapidly coming down to a price point that is affordable for the masses. This could be the case with the Fujifilm X-H1!

Coming to you from Lee Zavitz, this retrospective is on Fuji's flagship video model of 2018 that was released with much fanfare, but ultimately was eclipsed by a faster, more capable model: the X-T3. That's not to say the X-H1 is a dog. Far from it! It's still the only Fuji APS-C camera with in-body stabilization. Now, with Fuji's latest firmware updates, the autofocus and stabilization have been improved to the point where this camera may deserve a second look.

However, the biggest bonus may be the price: $999 with the power grip and two batteries! Considering that the body was originally released with an $1,899 price tag plus an additional $329 for the power grip, this is an extremely good deal for a very capable camera. Fujifilm has always been pretty good about bringing firmware updates to their cameras, so the camera may get even better in time! Fujifilm stumbled pretty hard with the original release of this camera, but with a price that's difficult to beat and features that finally work as intended, the X-H1 could finally be ready for prime time.

Do the new upgrades make the camera more attractive to you? For those of you that were early adopters of the X-H1, does the firmware make you happy, or are you annoyed that the price has dropped on a camera you paid a premium for? Sound off!

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Usman Dawood's picture

I find it completely acceptable for us to disagree on this point but to me, it was terrible when it was initially released. I hated it and even after trying and testing it I thought it was a poor release compared to what Fuji already had available. I decided not to review the camera.

When people talk about the size I get it to some extent but for me, I already own full-frame DSLR cameras so I don't want a mirrorless camera that's HUGE. I mean this camera with its required grip is larger and heavier than the 5D4. but with a smaller sensor.

I've never used a top LCD, I find IBIS and IS to be highly overrated and a quieter shutter offers no value to me.

Essentially this camera was a stop-gap between the X-T2 and the significantly better X-T3.

Stuart Carver's picture

See I’m not disagreeing with any of those features for my own photography, only the top LCD would be useful for me but not at the expense of the exposure comp dial. BUT, the XH1 has grown on me massively the longer I’ve took time to consider it, I guess I’m just outwardly positive about most cameras that are released at the moment, people slate the Z cameras but imo they are arguably 2 of the best cameras on the market right now.

Usman Dawood's picture

You're absolutely right about the camera for you and I think if it fits your requirements then that's a brilliant thing.

Sounds like you're a tech fan :), how wonderful.

Usman Dawood's picture

Oh, and your Roseberry Topping image is so awesome.

Stuart Carver's picture

As thanks, im planning on heading back there in the Autumn as my skills have improved since i took that shot:) Its the first really good shot i took so im happy with it.

Yes im definitely a tech fan, which only serves to keep my wallet empty. Im happy with the XT2 at the moment though so spending more on camera bodies is not on the radar at present, i may be able to save some.

Ryan Davis's picture

Usman, have you had the opportunity to attach a long lens (like the 100-400) to the X-H! and X-T3 bodies? If so, have you noticed a difference in ease of handling? I bought a used X-E1 to chase the kids around the park with (because the Canon panoply is just too much stuff) and it's stellar for that purpose. However, all I shoot on the X-E1 is the 18-55 kit lens and some Soviet/DDR primes with adaptors. Those aren't big lenses. A large lens on that small body would have pretty crap balance.

I was interested for the X-H1 for the grip when used with telephoto, more than the video capability. I haven't shot the X-t3, but it looks to me like it wouldn't do so well with a tele.

Usman Dawood's picture

I understand why some people might like the bigger body but for me, it's completely useless because my larger cameras are DSLRs or I'll use medium format. I intentionally avoid buying large heavy lenses for the mirrorless cameras I own but I can shoot comfortably with larger lenses on the larger cameras I shoot with.

Even still I think Fuji should have put the X-T3 specs in the X-H1 to make it a proper flagship. The time between both cameras wasn't even that long so I just think they rushed the X-H1 out. This is why I find that camera to be a disappointment. Imagine X-H1 with X-T3 specs and IBIS, then yes that would be an incredible camera especially if it came out before the X-T3.

The X-T3 has noticeably better AF, better colours, and slightly higher resolution with much better video features. The resolution is negligible though.

I purchased a Fuji X-H1 a couple of moths ago and I love it. Previously I have used Nikon D5100, a Canon Mark II full frame and then a Fuji XT-20. I primarily shoot stills and I am now achieving better results even with higher iso. The IBIS is excellent.