Fujifilm X-T5 Versus Canon EOS R5: Battle of the High Res Sensors

In this video, I test the new Fujifilm X-T5 against the Canon EOS R5, which is my go-to studio camera. Originally, I intended only to compare the image quality of Fuji's new 40-megapixel cropped sensor against Canon's 45-megapixel full-frame sensor, but after using the X-T5 for a number of sessions in my studio I decided to make a friendly general comparison of the two cameras.

I realize, of course, that these two bodies are on different planets when it comes to price point, and with that in mind, I speak about the X-T5's ergonomics, autofocus, and image quality, while providing some sample images. The images are all either tethered to or imported into Capture One Pro 23 for the comparison. I also decided to do this comparison because in a recent video I tested the Fujifilm XH2 against the R5, and imported the images into Lightroom since I was unable to tether the X-H2 with C1 at the time. 

As should be expected, when pixel peeping, the Canon shows more detail than the Fujifilm. The results are quite close, however, and I was impressed with how well the X-T5 fared against the R5 for the type of headshot and portrait work I typically do. Both images look great, and in this comparison, I'm not trying to convince anyone to jump ship on a brand. This was done, instead, as food for thought and also because I wanted to see how Capture One handles the new Fujifilm 40-megapixel files.

I hope you enjoy the video and as always let me know what you think in the comments section below.

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Pete Coco is a portrait photographer and musician based in New York. When not performing as a jazz bassist, Pete can be found in his studio working with a wide range of clients, although is passion is creating unique portraits of other musicians and artists.

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