[Gear] The World's Strangest Cameras

[Gear] The World's Strangest Cameras

The people over at FLAVORWIRE recently posted a great article about some really strange cameras that people have dreamed up. It's some pretty crazy stuff.

Take a look at the full article HERE or look below for a sampling of some of the strangest cameras I've ever seen.







This camera was embedded under the skin of it's creator...














A Camera inside a human eye socket...












A Camera... with a human heart inside it...

















The Shell Camera











The Turtle Cam

















So there are definitely some crazy cameras out there, anybody else have any examples? Ever made a camera out of something wild? Let us know in the comments!



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a bit disturbing...

The camera with the human heart is almost certainly the product of Wayne Belger. He builds spectacularly over-engineered pinhole cameras designed for particular subjects. They're frequently beautiful and disturbing works of art unto themselves.