The Godox V1: Profoto A1 Killer?

The Profoto A1 was supposed to be a revolution in speedlights (though the company refers to it as the "world's smallest studio light"), though it carried with it the typical Profoto price tag. The Godox V1 is a very similar light with a much more affordable price. How well does it work in practice? This great video review discusses just that.

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this excellent video review takes a look at the Godox V1. The V1 is quite the intriguing flash, as it has many of the same features as its Profoto counterpart (including the same output of 76 Ws), but it comes in at a price well below the Profoto A1 and even below the flagship flashes of companies such as Canon and the like. Furthermore, if you're already deeply invested in the Godox system, it works well with other lights in the catalog. This, combined with its high level of portability and other features, make it an intriguing option for anyone from wedding photographers to on-location portraitists and more. I know I'm certainly thinking of picking one up for my Sony system. Check out the video above for the full rundown on it. 

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Sorry olivier, you are basing your bad opinion on godox on possibly an older firmware. if you'd bother to get a pc and update your firmware you might have a reason to stop complaining. It took me 5 minutes to update and might allow you to properly use the equipment you paid for.

my profoto air remote would not work with sony a9 when i updated firmware to v5.0. the issue was fixed with a9 firmware 5.01. should I blabber on that "the product is poor" because i can't be bothered to find a pc to update to v5.01?

"and having to have a pc to update a firmware is nowadays not acceptable, not for the cost, but because it is in my opinion a given."

sorry, sometimes the world doesn't work the way you want it. sony firmware update doesn't work with my mac. should i just keep complaining about it and not update my firmware from v1 until sony releases a working mac updater possibly in a couple of years?

i shoot both godox and profoto. if your "personal experience" is limited to complaining about a flash with an old firmware then your "point of view" is just that and nothing more.

Your attitude is why I want to cover up the Profoto logo on all my strobes and modifiers.

olivier borgognon's picture

the great news is that i have the latest firmware on my flashes since the time i purchased them. therefore I stand my ground on the quality... But... again, as I said, i'm happy to know that others have different experiences and that some like them.

One man's meat is another man's poison.

Spy Black's picture

Soon Godox will own Profoto.

That should piss all the Profoto guys off...

olivier borgognon's picture

Should this be the case, it will mean that it was meant to be :)