Hands-On First Impression of the Leica M10-R with Sample Images

The new Leica M series camera was today announced and it is offering some impressive gains over its predecessors.

Leica's M Series cameras have proven popular and they have now upgraded the M10 once more by nearly doubling the resolution. The  Leica M10-R now has a 40.9 megapixel, full frame CMOS sensor which is quite the upgrade from the 24 megapixel sensor of even the M10-P. The only M Series body to already sport this much resolution is the M10 Monochrom, which as you might be able to extract from the name, only shoots black and white! However, apart from the sensor, this is exactly the same camera as the M10-P in every other way; body, materials, processor, and so on.

With the sharp rise in resolution, there will naturally be questions of whether the glass can support it (I have no doubts it can) and whether the dynamic range and color performance is on par with older M10 models. Leica claim that not only is it equal to, but it's greater than the previous M Series cameras in both these areas, though by how much is unclear.

What do you think of the new Leica M10-R? Is it on your shopping list?

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Joel Manes's picture

Just worry about what you want for dinner tonight.

Charles Mercier's picture

What kind of work do you do? Would you like people to come to your business/work place and only say, your prices are too much, I will only buy if you're cheap? I assume you want a raise every year?

I call it the Walmart Effect. You want it cheap but want a raise every year. The US can bring manufacturing back to make things like cameras but you'd have to work at the plant for $5/hour with no benefits to get a $100 American made camera.

John Ricard's picture

I’m just trolling. It’s obligatory for someone to make that comment every time Leica introduces a product. I just figured I’d save that person the trouble ;)

Charles Mercier's picture

Ummmmm..... ohhh kaaaaay.

Corey Weberling's picture

Leica makes no sense to me. Is it literally just the brand people buy/waste money on for status?

Like who would ever spend that much money on a camera that’s doesn’t even have features you can get on a 2000 dollar camera.

Makes no sense to me....but whatever...guess people can blow their money on whatever they want.

John Ricard's picture

I hear you brother. I was in this really expensive watch store and they had a watch for $8,000. And I asked the guy how do I make a phone call with the watch, and he was like, "you can't". I told him how my $500 Apple watch can make phone calls, measure my heartbeat, send texts and play music. He said his expensive watch did not do anything at all except tell time. I walked out thinking, "who would ever spend that much money on a watch that doesn't even have features you can get on a $500 watch. Makes no sense to me...but whatever...guess people can blow their money on whatever they want."