How to Best Set Up Your Sony a7 III for Filmmaking and Photography

The Sony a7 III, whether you like it or not, took the photography world by storm. One of its real selling points is just how customizable it is, so it's worth learning just how to set it up to suit your needs.

When I moved to Sony from Canon, I was long overdue a camera upgrade for my specific needs. I didn't ever write an article on how profound the impact of switching was, because it would have been misleading; I had been using older Canon cameras that while strong, were never going to compete with a newly released Sony mirrorless.

One of the very few difficulties I had with the transition, however, was wanting to use the a7 III's many features, but not having them assigned to buttons. As I began to look in to how I ought to set the Eye AF up and to what button, I began to unearth the plethora of settings and options that would also be of use. There were so many, it bordered the intimidating. So I spent time researching how different photographers and videographers had set up their a7 III and extracted what I wanted.

This video by Cody Blue is a great reference point for those looking to have their Sony customized to their work flow, and while you may not want to copy his settings uniformly, it's a good template and starting point to launch from.

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