How to Choose the Right Camera for Video

If you're looking at trying a new area of photography or videography, or are just getting started in the craft, there's no doubt that making the right decision on gear is a difficult one. As the number of options has surged, so has the number of voices.

In this video, Adorama teams up with one of my favorite YouTube content creators, Aidin Robbins, to discuss how you choose the right camera for video.

So much of buying equipment in this sector is focused on the flagship features and specs of the gear that so few will use. A new mirrorless will land and many content creators will be fawning the incredible resolution or its frame rate and it can often cloud one consideration that Robbins brings up early in this video: purpose.

When you buy any equipment in photography, the purpose of it should be central. That is, what sort of shots are you looking to take, what kind of videos are you going to capture, and what genres will you be working in? It's easy to go down a financial rabbit hole, chasing cutting-edge specs that you will never have any use for. Instead, it's better to work out exactly what you need and get the best possible equipment for that purpose.

When you're buying a camera, what do you look out for? Is it flagship features you can use to push your shots to the next level, or is it something else?

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