How Good Is the Image Quality of the New Canon EOS R5?

The Canon EOS R5 has been generating lots of buzz for its crazy video features, but it also comes with Canon's latest 45-megapixel sensor paired with a highly impressive autofocus system, making it a great option for stills shooters as well. This great video compares the EOS R5's image quality to numerous other popular cameras to show what you can expect from it in practice. 

Coming to you from Tony and Chelsea Northrup, this excellent video compares the image quality of the EOS R5 to the EOS R6, EOS R, 5D Mark IV, 5DS R, and Sony a7R IV. The EOS R5 features a 45-megapixel sensor, making it Canon's first high-megapixel full frame camera body since the 5DS series. The problem with the 5DS series, though, was rather limited dynamic range. In the intervening time, Canon has made some very significant advancements in sensor design, and I am personally quite excited to see how the new sensor handles scenes with a lot of dynamic range or significant post-processing. It is also great to see how the R5 compares to the Sony a7R IV, which is well known for its great dynamic range. Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Kaden Classen's picture

I got my R5 yesterday and was quite impressed with it, particularly how it handles noise. This isn't the best picture (I took a pic of my screen to quickly send it to family) but you can still see the difference. The R5 is on top and the 5DIV on bottom. Same settings, ISO 6400, no noise reduction.

Robert Nurse's picture

You lucky dog!! I'm still waiting for mine!

Kaden Classen's picture

I'm not sure why I got mine. B&H told me Tuesday I wouldn't get it until at least mid-August but then it shipped Wednesday. Hope you get yours soon!

Paul Scharff's picture

Wouldn't this be a perfect topic for a non-video article? Just wondering.

Grant Schwingle's picture

must. resist. the click-bait.

Alex Yakimov's picture

it is a form of entertainment. why deprive yourself? (:

barry cash's picture

What’s your return privilege?

J. W.'s picture

I personally would love to own this camera. But I'm too invested in the Sony system to ever go back to Canon. I left Canon when they announced the R and it was so underwhelming for its initial launch price. I knew Canon would eventually catch up, but it would be too expensive. Thanks to Sony my keep rate is higher than ever and overall the images my clients receive are better. But I don't enjoy taking pictures as much as I once did. Every time I pick up the camera I have to relearn all of the customized buttons again and again. I miss having a camera that is so well laid out that most every control is where it should be and I only need to remap one or two buttons, not every single one.

Black Z Eddie .'s picture

---" Every time I pick up the camera I have to relearn all of the customized buttons again and again."

This makes absolutely no sense. If you are constantly having to relearn the customized buttons that *you* set, sounds like you need to work on setting them so it's more natural. Don't fight it. :)