HP Announces Updates to Z-Series Line-Up and New Z Club Subscription Program

HP Announces Updates to Z-Series Line-Up and New Z Club Subscription Program

This morning at Adobe MAX, HP announced a series of updates to its popular Z Book lineup including performance updates with the latest Intel i9 processors, increased RAM, and more.

The ZBook Studio x360 convertible laptop now features a more natural writing experience with the optional HP Dream Color anti-glare edge display. Nvidia Quadra P2000 GPUs are now available in the x360 as well as in the ZBook Studio, which now features the world’s brightest 4K laptop display at 600 nits. For comparison, Apple’s latest-generation MacBook Pros, which are also quite bright, are rated at 500 nits. At nearly double the brightness of the pre-TouchBar MacBook Pros as well, the new ZBook Studio’s screen should help creators edit more consistently in brighter areas. The ZBook Studio starts at $1,369 while the Studio x360 starts at $1,499.

The ZBook 15 and ZBook 17 are now expandable to 32 GB RAM, and the six-core i9 processor brings improved performance in a chassis with 30-percent improved thermal performance. The ZBook 17 is also now available with Nvidia Quadra P5200 graphics. Both start at $1,349.

All of HP’s newest ZBooks feature improved security and reliability features such as built-in RAID 1 across mirrored internal drives for an uninterrupted workflow should a drive fail. And HP’s Sure View Integrated Privacy Screen lets you narrow the viewing angle of your display significantly at the push of a button so those next to you on an airplane or at a conference see only a white glow, and not everything you’re reading and writing.

In addition to the latest hardware and software improvements, HP also launched Z Club as a pilot concierge program for buying pre-set bundles of the latest gear. HP will invite 100 creators during its pilot program, during “which HP will outfit with custom photographer, video editor, graphic designer or artist bundles.” Z Club provides a new, improved way to upgrade studio gear, but the biggest bonus is this will allow creators to pay for gear over time with monthly payments, making the latest technology more easily accessible to a wider audience. Subscriptions for various technology bundles will cost about $100 to $250 per month depending on the gear required.

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Wow "Z Club" could be really great for people taking the plunge into professional work.