Just How Powerful Is 5.5K Raw Video on the Canon 1D X Mark III?

The Canon 1D X Mark III made quite the splash when it was announced, with numerous head-turning features sure to please many professionals. Perhaps one of the most impressive is the new 5.5K raw video capability (at 60 fps no less) using the full width of the sensor. This great video takes a look at using the new feature in a low-light scenario.

Note: you can watch this video in 5K; be sure to click on the gear icon in the bottom right corner of the player and change the quality.)

Coming to you from ZY Productions, this excellent video takes a look at filming in 5.5K raw in a low-light situation on theĀ Canon 1D X Mark III camera. With its massive data footprint and high demand on your computer's capabilities, raw video is one of those things you certainly will not want to use in every situation, but when you do, it can make a major difference in what you can achieve. In between the raw video capabilities and the highly impressive still photography features, it looks like Canon has a real winner on their hands with the 1D X Mark III. Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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David Love's picture

If this is graded it's done badly and doesn't help the camera much, if not and this is right out of the camera, it doesn't help the camera much. Highlights blown out and just has that digital video camera feel. After the Mark 4 I would never buy another photo camera thinking I'll get good video out of it. After the massive cropped mjpeg (4gb for 1 min of video) and no zebras, focus assist, etc I'll stick to the BMPCC 6K. Once you can shoot straight to an SSD card it's hard to imagine buying expensive cards anymore. Sucks cause the dual pixel auto focus on the 5D Mark 4 is amazing.

Go back to your Sony blog.

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Are you mental? I shoot with a 5D Mark 4. Go play with your rebel and let the grown ups talk.

Logan Sorenson's picture

Crazy impressive just from a usability standpoint, but watching in 5k on a 4k screen I would say that it really looks messy over iso 5000 especially with solid colors, patterned shirts and that night sky. I saw at one point in the bts that he was shooting at f/2.8, so iso 5,000-6,000 @ 2.8 might be the line? But then again, it is all in the grading. I feel this was maybe even 1/3 (+) over exposed even.

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Alec Kinnear's picture

Footage looks surprisingly ordinary, given the technical specifications. The 1DX Mark II won much praise for its 4K so I'm surprised there hasn't been more progress made.

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How do you feel about this for rental b-roll camera? Better/cheaper options?

Alec Kinnear's picture

It would depend on the project and the other cameras. Based on this footage, if I were looking for Canon b-roll, I'd buy a used 1DX Mark II as it delivers what it promises and will be well-priced now. Hopefully some better work will come out soon which shows the real capability of the camera and masks the flaws apparent in this footage.

For my own purposes, I'm very happy with what the Z6 offers for 4K. Of course it's not DCI, it's not RAW and it's not 4:2:2 and it's not 10-bit. The Fuji X-T3 does offer excellent DCI 4K which is 10-bit (albeit 4:2:0). It's a lot cheaper too. I haven't checked what the X-T4 brings to the table but was blown away by the X-T3 4K when I had one.