The Lens That Does It All: A Look at the Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 Sports

Whether you're shooting in conditions where changing lenses is too much of a risk or you simply don't have time to, or you're just looking for a lens with a lot of versatility, a superzoom can be an appealing option. This great review takes a look at the Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 Sports lens.

Coming to you from Dustin Abbott, this video review takes a look at the Sigma 60-600mm f/4.5-6.3 Sports lens. This lens replaces the old Sigma 50-500mm and is a bit unique, as most superzoom lenses for full frame cameras are normally around the 28-300mm range, with this instead opting for a normal to ultra-telephoto range. For many photographers, particularly those perhaps photographing wildlife or sports, having that extra focal length on the long end will be well worth the sacrifice on the wide end. While you'll never get the sort of image quality you would out of a top-shelf prime lens of a high-level zoom lens with a less extreme range, these sorts of lenses have made some good advancements in the last few years, and a lot of photographers find the level of image quality in tandem with the versatility and price to be the right combination. Check out the video above for Abbott's full review. 

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I have the Contemporary version of this lens and I love it. Sigma has definitely come a long way with their lenses in last few years and this one is a treat to have, though hand holding for any real length of time will become a chore.