A Long-Term Review of the Sony a9

When the Sony a9 first came out, it was hailed as a massive step forward and a challenger of Canon's flagship 1D X Mark II and Nikon's flagship D5 at a lower price than both. And although it looked amazing on paper and in early reviews, questions about its longevity remained. After almost two years, this great video discusses how the a9 has fared over the long-term.

Coming to you from Wes Perry, this great video review gives his long-term thoughts on the Sony a9 after almost two years and approximately 100,000 shots. The a9 immediately leapfrogged other flagship cameras in several ways when it came out (continuous burst speed being one of the most notable), and as Sony has updated and refined its capabilities through firmware updates and continued to fill out the lens library with better and more options, it's only improved. On the other hand, photographers were concerned if the camera was as durable as the well-tested likes of the Canon and Nikon flagships, which are well known for their abilities to handle extreme situations and abuse. According to Perry, it has held up remarkably well, showing some superficial scuffs and wear, but nothing impeding its function in any fashion. Check out the video for his full thoughts. 

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Tom Lew's picture

As a former owner of both the a9 as well as the 1xm2.... I'd have to say that the a9 has a serious technical flaw which forced me to sell it. Yes it has 20fps... but that's with an electronic shutter. When photographing quick lateral movements such as running.. there's a fairly evident rolling shutter effect that cannot be avoided.

Wes Perry's picture

Do you mean the background while you’re panning the camera to follow someone running, or the runner themselves?

Tom Lew's picture

Depending on the movement.. both.

mike smyth's picture

Interesting. Basketball, Baseball, Football, Golf (where I can capture the entire swing in silent mode) and I've not experienced this.

Of course you havent because Tom Lew is just full of shit spreading that nonsense

Oh please Tom, stop spreading that nonsense! Gotta love fanboys making false claims to defend their preferred cameras...is a FREAKING PIECE OF GEAR!

its not good with flash work
but getting back to the a9 its a solid camera

I was curious about the camera till you said these.

gen1 in anything will always be cr*p. nikon z camera are no exceptions. sony mk1 were garbage.

finished watching the video, I salute you for being honest with the flaws and not sugar coating like all the reviews seen here. youre not being sponsored or have personal interest to sell the camera so you say it like it is.

Wes Perry's picture

Thanks! I try to keep it real as much as possible. (Gotta have just a touch of sensationalism to make it on YouTube 😏)

Found out a huge issue with the camera and now I am getting the dreaded "This accessory is not supported by the device” on 3-month old A9s when I plug in any sort of flash unit. The multi-interface hotshoe has serious issues with any sort of moisture. I had heard about this issue in the past and was very careful about protecting my hotshoe. I have not had the cameras in the rain or had them in any sort of condition that would cause this corrosion. I switched from Nikon D5 and D810 and never had any issues with the hotshoe even after numerous times covering bad weather.

Wes Perry's picture

Three months in? Sounds like a warranty issue to me.

Not just a warranty issue but a common issue that is shameful for a pro body.


The problem is with the fragile multi-interface hotshoe design as many users are having issues.

Brian Knight's picture

Great to see a review from someone who has used it as I would. For a professional, this is the type of review you need.