Loyal Sony Shooter Gets His Hands on a Canon EOS R5 and Loves It!

If you're a steadfast Sony loyalist, you might want to look away now, because a dedicated Sony shooter just got his hands on the Canon EOS R5 and a bunch of Canon lenses and absolutely loved the ecosystem. Take a look to find out why.

In today's world of competing brands, I honestly believe there's very little separating most makers that sit at the high end of quality. Whether it's cars, clothes, cameras, or computers, the better names in each industry all make outstanding gear. In the world that I inhabit, surfboards are a perfect example. If you look at the most famous boards and shapers on the market today like Thomas Bexon, Chris Christenson, Michael Takayama, or Wayne Rich, each board they produce is a work of art that is both aesthetically gorgeous and high performance. In short, you can't go wrong with any of them, so there's really no point trying to say one is better than the other. I feel it's pretty much the same in the camera world, but do others agree with my belief?

That question brings us to this great video by Glyn Dewis, in which he runs us through his experiences using a Canon EOS R5 and concomitant lenses. Dewis is a self-confessed Sony man, but he makes the important point that he is not a Sony ambassador: he bought all his gear himself, so he's under no obligation to be loyal. So, how did he find using the Canon setup? In short, he loved it. Some things he found really pleasing were the build and the ergonomics of the Canon body, as well as the simple, intuitive menu. There's plenty more that he liked, so give the video a look and let me know your thoughts below. Have you ever used another setup and been pleasantly impressed?

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João Chainho's picture

Being myself a R5 owner, I have no problem mentioning that Sony, Nikon, Fugi… all have amazing products. I remember the day I was 🤤 for a Nikon D850 😅 or for a Sony 7RIV… ;)
Now R5 Mark II, Z9, 7RV they are pushing the cost of a camera to beyond their specs. Starts to be ridiculous.

David Pavlich's picture

With the risk of being yelled at for repeating myself, if someone takes a bad picture with today's FF camera offerings, there's about a 99% chance that it wasn't the camera's fault. These pieces of hardware all take great shots. We have our reasons for choosing one or the other, but suffice it to say, if you do your part, you're going to get very nice results regardless what brand you've chosen.

Garrett Stevensen's picture

Out of curiosity, who is the "they" mentioned and when it's beyond "their" specs, who is they/their: "they are pushing the cost of a camera to beyond their specs."

João Chainho's picture

Every new flagship is substantially more expensive than the older one. Way beyond inflation costs.

Frank Sanders's picture

People change from Nikon to Fuji, from Canon to Sony, from Sony to Hasselblad, from ... to ...So whats the big deal about that and what is so intersting for the whole world about it.

Edison Wrzosek's picture

Honestly, who really gives a shit?

There's this guy, and then there was Nick Page proclaiming how crappy and unreliable Sony is for his decision to switch to Canon, even though he BRUTALIZES his gear and honestly the fault is his own for his Sony gear finally giving out, whatever. These YouTube Photographers honestly switch gear brands, wasting TONS of money (or sometimes just being given the gear via behind-the-scenes deals with the brands), like most people change underwear (yes I'm being purposefully hyperbolic here for those who didn't catch on). Professional photographers that are ACTUAL pro photographers do NOT switch gear like this, because there's really no point. Like João Chainho and David Pavlich stated, the gear these days is so good, there's little reason to switch, and the investment true pros make in the glass for their chosen system solidifies remaining in that platform and ecosystem. Not to mention the downtime they'd unnecessarily incur having to learn the in's and out's of the new system if they haven't used it before.

Honestly, I used to follow so many photographers on YouTube, they're all pretty much unsubscribed now, cause they really aren't pro at anything other than making "Top 5 tips to fix your composition" or "What's in my camera bag" videos, ugh!

Jason Berge's picture

What he said. :-)

Ruud van der Nat's picture

In Nick Page’s defence. He shoots a lot of seascapes in bad conditions and he was fed up with the bad service Sony provided. For these professionals, and he clearly is, the cameras are just tools and they need to be able to rely on them. Glyn Dewis, also a real professional photographer was a canon shooter who switched to Sony and now that the canon image quality is up to the level he switched to Sony for, he rediscovered the better ( in his opinion) handling and user interface of the R5.

Yin Ze's picture

I have used Canon film/digital, Nikon film/digital and now Sony. While I like the Canon offerings such at R5 there is no comparison with the benefits of the stacked sensor on A9 and now A1 for capturing fast action. R3 is good but the 50 megapixel on A1 is a very important feature when I need to crop in due to distance or the editor needs to change a horizontal into a vertical. The flexibility A1 gives to clients for their needs has more than paid for the A1.