Mount Three Lenses on One Camera With This Multi Turret

A cinematographer has unveiled a sneak peek of his multi turret, which allows users to mount three lenses onto one camera for easy changing.

Swapping lens can often disrupt the flow of a shoot, so it’s no surprise to see the launch of a multi turret like this. Newsshooter got the first look at the invention at NAB 2019. As per their new post, the company was approached by inventor Ian Kerr CSC, who they say impressed them with what he revealed.

With him, he had a Sony FS7 Super 35 camera. Mounted on the front were three different Canon EF lenses. Using the gear, it’s possible to switch between a prime lens and a zoom in seconds. What’s more, it requires less manpower and can be done without removing lens covers.

The versatility it offers is undeniable. For example, you could have a 14mm, 35mm, and 135mm high speed lens all mounted at one time.

The tech is compatible with Sony E-mount cameras (a7S, a7R, etc) and can support EF-mount lenses using any E-EF mount adapter (Metabones, etc). Support for ARRI and RED cameras, as well as for PL, F, K, and other lens mounts, is due to follow.

Back in 2017, a Kickstarter campaign was launched for TriLens with the aim of “eliminating the need for multiple camera bodies, assistants, and bulky bags.”

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Lane Shurtleff's picture

Older (pre 1970) 8mm film cameras ALL came with this sort of setup. Having three or more lenses mounted in a circular fashion on a turret is nothing new. While I see this in a super niche market, at least the user can select the lenses to use rather than locked in to the 3 that were originally sold as a package.

revo nevo's picture

and who said it was new ?

Adam Palmer's picture

Could you imagine thatn hanging off an e mount mirrorless camera. I used to have an old 8mm movie camera with a similar lens setup but each lens was about the size of a quarter so a little more feasible.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

You do realize that it would be the mirrorless camera that would hang off the lens mount and not the other way around, right?

Just like any heavy lens on a small camera.

Adam Palmer's picture

I have 11 lenses. Anyway I can get one of these with space for all of them?

John Skinner's picture

Oh....... how original. (Not)

revo nevo's picture

And it was not supposed to be. This person made something for his needs and decided to share it with the world.

Paul Lindqvist's picture

Oh but please do tell John, where can I find a similar product for the intended use today? I mean the guy experienced a problem and thought out a solution. I'm not sure why anyone needs to slam him for that...

Having my fair share of knowledge how to take a concept to actual product, I'm always impressed by "little guys" who take on such a task.

Spy Black's picture

With the mass of FF and APS-C gear today, I wouldn't consider this too useful. I guess it can work for some situations, but overall it's too impractical. The old 8- and 16mm camera turrets dealt with much smaller optics, and the cameras themselves were quite compact. Modern production protocols pretty much negate the need for turrets.