New Product Wants to Turn Your Photo Gear into Lamps When Not in Use

New Product Wants to Turn Your Photo Gear into Lamps When Not in Use

Photographer/inventor/entrepreneur James Madelin is tired of his photo gear, gear he loves and thinks looks great, sitting in a closet when he isn't on a shoot. The gear is useful, but he was looking to make it more enjoyable. From that came Phlite, a lamp attachment product that takes your at-rest photo gear and lets you enjoy it all the time.

In the Kickstarter description, Madelin explains: "As photographers, we spend a ton of cash on beautifully engineered gear; steel and carbon fibre tripods, gorgeous cameras, industrial lightstands.... then for much of its life -when we're not out shooting- we hide it away, unused and unseen.

"With Phlite, you can show off your camera gear. All the time!

"Phlite transforms your camera gear - your tripod, your camera, your lightstand - into a beautiful floor lamp, table lamp and desk lamp."

Phlite fstoppers 2

Phlite Fstoppers 3

Phlite Fstoppers 4

"When you want to use your gear, Philte slips off quickly and easily. When it’s not on your camera gear it sits flush on a table or shelf and is still a stunning lamp. When you're done shooting, Phlite clips back on easily too."

Phlite takes advantage of the trend of decorating with photo gear, but makes it more affordable and, arguably, more practical. Tripod lamps aren't a new idea, but Phlite lets you use gear you already have to make statement pieces in your home.

What I want to know is what you guys think of this product, and if you would use it. If you're a fan of the idea, you can back it on Kickstarter.

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Great! My wife loves this idea! Thanks for the tip!!!

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How bright can the bulb be inside ??

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I imagine that even if it only goes as high as 60watts, put a CFL in there. 60 watts of CFL is like the surface-of-the sun bright.

We use 20W CFL bulbs, which are 65W equivalent. I'm confident given the materials we're using that it'll work up to the usual 60-80W bulbs of all kinds. LED bulbs are better again, using even less energy and giving off less heat. Check the KS page for details, but they use standard E26 or E17 screw fitments depending where you are...

i turn my tripod into a Christmas tree , just but some lights and decorations around it looks cool

Ha! Cool... here's another fun use for tripods... discovered during our product testing. A kid's playhouse!

here is my tree =)

Here is my tree )) sorry for the BG=)

Here is my tree )) sorry for the BG))

Very nice!

And here's mine using an old 70's tripod

One more thing to take apart or have to repack before each shoot, I'll pass on this idea.

Hey Jeffrey... thanks for your comment. I designed Phlite so taking it apart is as fast as picking up your gear. And repack? Maybe if it's on your only tripod, but if it's your camera, it's ready to go the moment it's in your hand. And Phlite looks great on its own, so your pad isn't a mess when you're using your gear. It still might not be perfect for you, but just wanted to make sure you hadn't missed the part about how quick it is to access your gear when you need to.

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Bloody brilliant! And well made presentation too!

I like the idea. I'd be more likely to use it on a vintage/antique/garage sale tripod instead of my Manfrotto because it'd match my decor better than carbon and aluminum would.

and when you use it where you put the head? on a floor,on a shelf...just unpractical, and tripods are not very pleasing for eyes or some great design work...and I enjoy my camera on a shelf, good idea but wont work....I speak for myself....but thumbs up for project

Lol Ive been doing this forever with my gear. I got a few fluorescent bulbs on A clamps with a dimmer and switch and use my umbrella as a diffuser. Comes in handy too when you want to use a continuous light for video or as a preview light.

Neat idea on tripods but on camera it looks a little bit off. Besides my comment; they did it! so Bravo.

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Awesome idea! Want one. Great use of a tripod rather than being shoved in a cupboard.