New Sigma EF-630 Flash Coming Soon

Sigma has announced their follow up to the EF-610 Flash, the EF-630 and It will be available on B&H very soon. Yesterday Sigma announced the new flash with models available for Nikon, Canon, and of course Sigma. The new flash will pack a little more fire power than its predecessor, and will automatically adjust for focal lengths from 24mm through 200mm.

The new EF-630 will support TTL as well as "remote control through the TTL wireless flash function." The new model will also allow for multiple flash setups and allow for flashes to trigger additional flashes. The new flash will also feature a "FP" mode which will allow for shooting past your camera's sync speed. Sigma promises a new "intuitive" interface, a modeling flash function, as well as other features listed on the press release out of Kanagawa, Japan.

Compatible with most well-known digital SLR cameras, the EF-630 features auto TTL exposure control, as well as remote control operation through the TTL wireless flash function, where the camera lens calculates the correct exposure automatically for perfect lighting. For multi-flash setups, photographers can use the Slave Flash Function to trigger additional flashes. To achieve a softer look, photographers can bounce light off of a white wall, ceiling or reflector by tilting the EF-630’s flash head upwards by as much as 90°, or swiveling left or right by 180°. For close-up shots, the flash head can also be titled down by 7°.


Pricing is currently not available, but should soon be through B&H.

For more information on the EF-630 visit

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Nick Dors's picture

Rarely use flash on camera but need a new one. Love everything Sigma does lately so I am interested in this flash. Anyone have some experience with Sigma flashes? Are they worth getting over a Yongnuo?

Briar Bentley's picture

I have used Canon and Yongnuo speedlights off-camera with radio triggers, and am currently looking for a new set. That will be three speedlights plus transmitter. Tops at the moment is the Godox but open to comment or ideas.