[News] Nikon D800 Stomps Canon 5DM3 In DxO Test

[News] Nikon D800 Stomps Canon 5DM3 In DxO Test

The Nikon Vs Canon war rages on, this time Nikon fan boys will gain a little ammunition. As you may have heard, the 36mp sensor inside the Nikon D800 is the highest rated sensor of all time (a 95), beating even medium format cameras that cost over $50,000.00. DxO Mark recently released their reviews of the Canon 5D Mark III sensor and it received a score of 81 that puts the camera in 10th place. Whether you are a Nikon or Canon fan, remember that we are giving both of these cameras away in our current Facebook contest so everyone wins right?

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Well, now you found them, you can finally order one for yourself . .and nobody as to offer you anything anymore :)

picture quality matters, but when you mention the 7D et al and questioning why bother changing, yoiu have to realize that the score is not a camera score, and the fact that the 95 v.81 score is great for sensor tech talk, you CANNOT see that difference out i the field. . . . where is the better AF!? better noise when viewed at full res is better on the mkIII or slight difference . . video belongs to Canon too.
The mkIII just feels solid and fits your hand so beauitifully. All these things matter . . not a DR range difference of 25.5 v. 24, etc etc etc. That is even a number that would not matter within the MF range of systems. Just look at the images compared to the D800, and although the D800 has a "highest score ever" . .
tell me what that actually means when you have a MF camera image in fron of you on the screen and printed (price notwithstanding ;) ). . . . Then take a look at the 5DmkIII . . take both cameras out and shoot at dusk or dawn, or at mid day . . what can yu tell?? Then test out the AF . . . . no contest there, though, as the Canon is better (wasn't expecting that one haha ).
I hope everyone understands what I am trying to say here. . . . . . About the only thing I find wrong with the Canon (after all the little firmware upodates, and light leak issue that means nothing unless you have the cap on or lens off), is the price! But the best AF with 6fps, and amoung class leading ISO, and amazing video - even compared to D800 - sometimes simply pay anyway, I guess *gulp.
(side note: there is some talk that Canon keeps the performance of the sensor down for other reasons, but I am looking into that.)

Canon-peeps, just take this loss and hold it in your chest. Move on, kiddies. WE ALL DON'T WIN EVERYTHINGGGGGGGGGG 

The fact that the D800 beat Medium Format on DxO is a complete joke. C'mon, do you really believe that crap?

It's all in thier methods: they compare the sensor's ability in higher ISO v MF which does not go further than 800-1600 (no need since it is a studio camera, or a camera that needs the cleanest image possible with high dynamic range and insane MP). It's like calling a tomatoe a vegetable, instead of a fruit . . even though it is a fruit. With these tests, they sometimies missinterprret or force scenarios that some camsreas were not meant for. . . that is why they downsample to 8MP. . . . even though you get finer iso grain with more res, what wil happen when you make a 36mp image down to 8MP (4.5x) v a 22 MP image down to 8MP (2.8x). . . . has that got something to do with why in the field we SEE that the mkIII is better in ISO v the D800,yet the DxO scores using thier methoidoligies make a complete turnaround due to those manipulations.  

I have a Sony A77. I value high ISO low noise applications (sports, weddings, concerts ,...) with good AF and high frame rate also major consieraions. I've been considering a D700 Nikon and wondered if D800 may be superior. After reviewing DXO results, & various D800 & 5DMkIII comparisons, D700 still seems a very good choice and I'd rate 5DMkII next best, with DxO results considered. I'm surprised to see how large a   disconnect they show from overall reakl world low light / high ISO usability.