Nikon Announces the 58mm f/0.95 Noct: A Crazy Lens With a Crazy Price Tag

Nikon Announces the 58mm f/0.95 Noct: A Crazy Lens With a Crazy Price Tag

Nikon has just announced the launch of its much-awaited NIKKOR Z 58mm f/0.95 S Noct and the price tag is as crazy as the lens itself. Bravo, Nikon.

Nikon has taken an interesting approach to releasing glass for its new Z-mount mirrorless cameras, preferring to introduce more affordable, less “pro” lenses first and saving its premium glass for once the system is more established. There is one, exception, however: a 58mm, f/0.95, prime, manual-focus-only lens that, rather than being affordable, costs a tasty $8,000.

58mm at f/0.95 will almost certainly make focusing somewhat difficult but I give Nikon a huge amount of respect for creating this thing. With the exception of Fuji, Japanese manufacturers are rarely experimental for the sake of being experimental, but this lens is just that.

Nikon 58mm f/0.95 S Noct

Antireflection coatings should reduce ghosting and flare awhile the high-refractive index of the front element is claimed to “dramatically” improve aberration correction.

The OLED display on the lens’s barrel shows aperture, focus distance, and depth of field. Bokeh is claimed to be “exquisite” and the sample photographs certainly seem to confirm that. Be warned, the words “creamy” and “buttery” will no doubt feature repeatedly as soon as this lens gets into the hands of reviewers.

Noct f/0.95 1/8000s, f/0.95. Christian Ammann

1/8000s, f/0.95. Christian Ammann.

Nikon Europe BV’s Manager Product Marketing, Dirk Jasper, is suitably passionate, stating that “it’s exciting to see the promise of the Z mount system be fulfilled so powerfully.” Unfortunately, to powerfully fulfill its promise, you will need to spend $8,000. If that’s not quite in your budget, you can pick up the NIKKOR Z 50mm f/1.8 for a mere $600 instead.

You can check out the press release explaining all of the features by clicking here.

Will you be buying one? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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barry cash's picture

What if you get a bad copy of this lens what’s Nikons reassurance regarding giving it back for a better copy? Has anyone seen Nikons satisfaction guarantee?

Stuart Carver's picture

What do you mean by ‘bad copy’ ?

Deleted Account's picture

It’s apparently the way of saying ‘a defect product’ I never could understand why the work ‘copy’ was used. A bit like how some people refer to a very complex lens assembly as ‘a piece of glass’

Anyway, I think Barry was taking the piss. If you bought one of these lenses and it was defect actually defect.. I can’t seem them leaving you high and dry with it.
You can bet your shallow depth of field they are going to get plenty of people claiming ‘my copy is bad’ due to user error and not grasping the fact that shooing MF at F0.95 you are very likely to have one mosquito testicle sharp and the other out of focus. The nature of the beast.

Stuart Carver's picture

"You can bet your shallow depth of field they are going to get plenty of people claiming ‘my copy is bad’ due to user error"

that was the point i was getting at:) isnt this the case with every lens, regardless of price. i have a £200 Samyang 12mm f2 and all i read online is how soft it is, and how much their 'copy' was a bad one etc.. a couple of my best/most popular shots are taken with that lens and they are tack sharp. Now im not saying im an expert or anything but you have to wonder just how bad these 'copies' are dont you.

Deleted Account's picture

People liking to feel they're in control, exercising their right to insist something is exchanged because it's not functioning correctly. Usually it's user error but its never user error because the customer is always right. :) I hear you, I had a Tamron years ago, someone I know exchanged his 3x saying it was no good. Yep, I really wonder.

Stuart Carver's picture

Yes, and my Sigma lens, and the ones my photo bud owns are all working fine, yet they are supposed to be shocking for quality control... i dont doubt there are faulty lenses on the market but not to the extent you see online.

I even saw someone say they had a bad copy of the Fuji 16-55 f2.8 because it was soft in the corners etc etc.. i mean you have to just take that with a massive pinch of salt dont you haha.