Nikon D760 Rumored for 2019

Nikon D760 Rumored for 2019

The Nikon D750 has been a top hit for Nikon, as its versatility and low-light performance have made it the camera of choice for many photographers needing a great all-around body. However, it's getting a bit long in the tooth, but thankfully, its replacement may be on its way soon.

The Nikon D750 has been a very popular choice for many photographers due to its versatile capabilities and continues to be a great camera to this day. Nevertheless, it was announced in September 2014, and as such, it's probably ready for a replacement. Despite Nikon's recent entry into the mirrorless market, it appears they're wisely not abandoning their bread and butter DSLRs, as Nikon Rumors is reporting that the D760 will likely be announced in the first half of 2019, with shipping to following in the second half, while the D610 will be discontinued. Relevant rumored specs include 4K video and autofocus points and performance improvements, as well as low-light improvements (not that the D750 was any slouch in that area). It should make for a good upgrade for the many photographers who find the model to be the best balance of many capabilities and needs. Head over to Nikon Rumors for the full list of rumored specs.

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JUAN SOL's picture

Good point! It has already happened with Nikon D7500. It did not go too far so as to compromise the D500 sales. I would not expect the world either with D760. And about the 2 SD card slots... Hmmm. It will be frustrating to know that mirrorless Fuji X-T3 does have 2 SD card slots and D760 is not going to have them?

Lee Stirling's picture

Who said anything about possible D760 not having 2 card slots?

imagecolorado's picture

The D750 is a great camera. Been using it for several years now, no issues other than the shutter recall, which was resolved quickly. Can't imagine jumping to a D760 though. I've yet to find anything I can't do with the D750. If I had to nit-pick, I'd say up the buffer size, fix the annoying shutter sound, speed up the SD slots a tad. I hope they don't follow in the steps of the D7500 though and keep the functionality for motor drive focus and ability to use old AI lenses. 24 mpix is plenty for just about anything, but bumping up the resolution will probably happen too. Maybe go to a 36 mpix sensor?

Lee Stirling's picture

My guess is Nikon will retain the 24MP sensor in the D760 as it will now be the entry-level FF Nikon DSLR if the D610 is discontinued. If they increase resolution to 36MP, speed up card slots, increase buffer, and go above 7fps with frame rate, they will be likely to poach sales of D850.

Nick Viton's picture

Still happy with my D750 too. On my wish list though would be illuminated buttons, touch screen, increased buffer, and 1/8000.

I wanted to buy a D750 but the 1/8000 shutter speed was a bit of a turn off. So i bought a D800 instead! I love the thing. I don;t have the focus issues like some people have had. It's a good camera.