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Nikon Has Officially Dropped 'Master' and 'Slave' Terms

Nikon Has Officially Dropped 'Master' and 'Slave' Terms

After news came last week from Canon that it's officially dropped the terms "master" and "slave," so too has Nikon. In fact, if you thought Canon was ahead of the curve by dropping the terms three years ago, you're going to be shocked to find out when Nikon dropped them.

For a long period of photographic history, the terms "master" and "slave" were used in cameras and flashguns to denote which device was the controller and which was the responder. For example, a master flashgun may be in control of triggering multiple slave flashes so that they all illuminate simultaneously, thus reducing the need for multiple, complex wireless triggering systems. But since the global Black Lives Matter movement with large-scale protests earlier this year, terms deemed racially derogative have been dropping from the lexicon of some big camera companies.

Nikon speedlight sb-500 flashgun

Flashguns have been the most commonly used devices to feature the terms due to their wireless control of other flashgun devices

I spoke last week with Canon, who informed me they'd dropped the terms back in 2017, with only legacy kit continuing to hold the terms due to the fixed hardware limitations. However, this week I spoke with Nikon who assured me that not only have they dropped the terms "master" and "slave," but they did so back in the early 2000s, nearly two decades before Canon. Here's Nikon Corporation's official statement on the drop:

These terms were removed from Nikon products in the early 2000s — in the context of the negativity around their connotations. We no longer feature these terms in/on products.

Nikon speedlight sb-5000 flashgun

The Nikon Speedlight SB-5000 flashgun user manual still features the terms, but only where referencing a now discontinued device by name

A quick look through recent Nikon manuals, and you'll quickly be scratching your head. That's because some relatively recent manuals still feature the terms, as is the case for the popular Nikon Speedlight SB-5000 flashgun. So, after further investigation and discussion with a Nikon Europe Spokesperson, I found out why:

For the flashlight like SB-5000, it is true that there is [the] term 'slave' [is] in the manual because it mentions the end-of-life product called 'Wireless Slave Controller SU-4.' Nikon Corporation believes this is the only part where Nikon mentions the term slave... It is already an end-of-life product and we are not using the term 'slave' in the current products. Nikon removed the conventional electronics and technological terminology of 'slave' from our products in the early 2000s in consideration to the term’s negative context. All current products refer to the function as 'Remote.'

So, this explains the occasional mention of the terms in newer manuals. Similar to Canon's reasoning, they only refer to the terms if it's a product name and they specifically discuss the device or if it's an end-of-life product, i.e. a discontinued item.

Overall, Nikon seems to be the first camera company that I'm aware of to drop the terms "master" and "slave" in their photographic lexicon due to the negative connotations associated with the racial terms. Time will tell whether this is an industry-wide trend, but the two biggest names in the photography world dropping the terms surely sets a precedent for the rest of the industry, doesn't it?

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vik .'s picture

The word slave should be in the history books only but master?

Mr. T's picture

You are right, nothing wrong with the word “master” — except in the context of “master/slave” or similar usage, obviously.

Kirk Darling's picture

I'd be interested in knowing what direct translation of the Japanese terms were/are.

Technically, there are better terms like "transmitter," "transciever," and "receiver." Adopting better terminology should not be touted as being morally superior.

Mike Dixon's picture

This is just getting silly. I can't wait for all the people with a master’s degree to burn them. Now they're going after the Master Bedroom, which would cost tens of millions of dollars to redo computer systems and government documents. If these people would open a dictionary they would find out that "master" has over a dozen meanings.

Jeff McCollough's picture

What bout Jedi Masters?

Tony Tumminello's picture

Yeah, and everyone knows the counterpart to master's degrees are called slave degrees! Same with bedrooms, I'm sure you have a house with one master bedroom and three slave bedrooms.

Dale Karnegie's picture

In this economy, you're lucky if you can even afford a two slave bedroom house

Stuart Carver's picture

Im just trying to work out how many separate articles Fstoppers can squeeze out of it, one for every brand who makes speedlights and flash's.

Andy Day's picture

(With the acknowledgement that I think there are bigger problems to tackle right now.)

1. If this system were invented today, we wouldn't call it master/slave.
2. To everyone throwing their toys out the pram, keep in mind that Canon and Nikon have been phasing out these terms literally for years and you didn't notice.

Deleted Account's picture

"To everyone throwing their toys out the pram..." Funny, that's how I view your endless articles on this and related subjects.

Dale Karnegie's picture

Breaking news: a corporation is choosing neutral terms in its technical documentation; if a term even has a chance of being perceived insensitive, it doesn't help they used something as milk-toast as it gets instead.

I think the reactions to Nikon's decision here are more extreme than Nikon's decision itself

Deleted Account's picture

You think these reactions are extreme? smh

Dale Karnegie's picture

Yes I do; any reaction other than "ok." is extreme given how uneventful this news is

Deleted Account's picture

If it were announced a few years ago, I would agree but today, not quite as much. Normally, If I woke up to light rain, I would think, "Okay". If it came on the heals of weeks of downpours and the sky looked like the one from The Matrix, I would be concerned but not extremely so.
I'm concerned but not extremely so.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

Hooray! Let’s get back to cursing Lightroom for Blacks/Whites and no Yellows/Reds.

Dale Karnegie's picture

It's only a matter of time before this post fills up with tons of people complaining about how this is symbolic of the downfall of society. Let me remind every one of you guys: 1) this change doesn't affect your life at all and 2) you can continue screaming "master/slave" til your heart's content on your photoshoots and in your homes

Alexander Petrenko's picture

This is so symbolic of the downfall of society!

Hans J. Nielsen's picture

And next we will change white balance to colour balance course of equality, and then we will change male & female connectors into non-gender connectors because someone will be offended by any referring to genders and when will it stop?

In the car industry, they still use the term master cylinder and slave cylinder in the hydraulic system, and who gives a ...?
Don't get me wrong. I'm not against people asking fundamental questions against our language, history, or society but when these terms a used to describe a non-human relation between two mechanically contraptions, and people still find that relation racist, those people seem to kind of lose me most of the time, somewhere in the middle.

Tony Clark's picture

Will there be a handbook in the future informing us what is acceptable and what is not?

Stuart Carver's picture

Be some book, I guess Britannica would need to write it

Deleted Account's picture

It would never be written, the rules changing before the ink was dry.

David Pavlich's picture

The 'books' already exist on many college campi.

jim hughes's picture

It'a day by day at this point.

anthony marsh's picture

There are already a few.. One is the COMMUNIST MANIFESTO,another CHAIRMAN MAO'S LITTLE RED BOOK yet another is MEIN KAMPF. If allowed the left wingnuts in the U.S. CONGRESS will most assuredly write another.

chris bryant's picture

Great! Now let’s turn our liberalist attention to the colour of cameras, it’s obviously extremely racist. I mean they are mostly black, I mean cameras of colour. What about white cameras? There is a total lack of diversity in camera colour. Can I suggest Gun Metal? Hold on, that has connotations of war which in recent history has been principally fought by white people and that is obviously racist. How about brown. That’s the colour of 💩 which essentially encapsulates my feelings about the subject.


Black slaves were really late to the party anyway.

There is all these people that are called Slavs, do you guys think that the term and the people are related?

Oh, and there is a history book that details the struggle of a people because they were slaves in Africa trying to find their promised land or something.

I think I will email HDD manufactures so they can get all IDE HDDs and rename the terms master and slave as well.

BDSM people should also feel ashamed, really, why do they use such terms?

Also TSA and their master keys that open locks, simbolizing white supremacists over blacks, that whites that can open blacks locks. Or something.

I am an actual descendant of slaves and couldn't care less about all of this PC BS.

Alexander Petrenko's picture

All IDE HDDs are dead with all porn from 80's on them... How dare you to be so insensitive to those innocent creatures?


I had one with some GB of songs downloaded from Napster. It was misplaced over a decade ago. Sad times.

Dale Karnegie's picture

> I am an actual descendant of slaves and couldn't care less about all of this PC BS.

what's your heritage?

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