OCLU Action Cam: Delete Unwanted Footage on the Fly

OCLU Action Cam: Delete Unwanted Footage on the Fly

Brand new to the industry, Arizona-based OCLU has launched its first action cam offering a rather unique feature that allows you to delete unwanted clips in-camera, allowing users to avoid filling up memory cards with unnecessary footage.

Offering in-body stabilization that seems to compete well with other action cameras on the market, the OCLU also has an aerodynamic design and a wide selection of accessories. These attachments and casings are sold as “Bundles” that are geared towards underwater usage or attaching the camera to specific pieces of equipment.

Perhaps most appealing to extreme sports enthusiasts is the ability to delete footage on the fly using the camera’s “Live Cut” mode. When you’ve finished filming a specific clip that you don’t plan to use, instead of hitting the record button again to stop, you press a different button to delete the clip. This allows you to avoid fill-in up your micro-SD card with unwanted footage.

OCLU Action camera

Without an enclosure, the OCLU is rated at IPX7 water resistance, with the option of adding a shell which then allows it to be taken to depths of up to 165ft (50m). It also offers a few other nice features, such as a cable that attaches magnetically for convenient charging and file transfer, and a recording mode that is triggered by movement.

The OCLU costs $239.56 with accessories to attach the camera starting at $20. Would the ability to delete footage on the go appeal to you in an action cam? Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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Dana Goldstein's picture

Aren’t we always told not to do exactly that - don’t delete in camera bc it can corrupt the card? Best to wait and format properly.