One Filmmaker's Essential Gear in 2020

A lot of gear we all gawp over — maybe even most of it — is surplus to requirements. But, some gear ends up being essential. What equipment is first in your bag in 2020?

Filmmaking and stills photography have a lot of overlap when it comes to equipment. That was fortunate for me when I started doing more video work as I didn't want to lighten my wallet. In this video by Sidney Diongzon, he goes over what gear is essential to him and always in his camera bag on shoots.

In 2020 I have a new addition which has cemented itself as a staple of my camera bag these days, and it (sort of) features in this video: an RGB LED light. Mine is the FalconEyes F7 Pocketlite RGB LED with honeycomb grid and softbox. I bought one as I had a few ideas in my commercial photography of watches it could be useful for. I used it for about ten minutes before deciding I was deeply in love and ordering another.

What's essential to your camera bag in 2020?

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David Love's picture

No offense but the amount of Photography/ video guys spamming products on youtube and giving the same advice on tricks, etc is getting a little out of hand. To the point where any product mentioned I dismiss automatically as sponsored. Or when the first minute of the video is an ad for squarespace or some other site. Even worse when the only content created with all this spammed equipment, is just that person walking around using that equipment. About the only thing I learn from these is how to become an influencer by copying the same tired youtube layout and style with the same tired transitions, luts, youtube subscription music and Peter Mckinnon personality.

Not a lot of film credits involved here, no mention of music videos, commercials, short films, features, etc but we're supposed to believe everyone is an experienced professional and can take us to the next step. I used to sub to people like this and then they just kept popping up copying the same formula. I guess nobody can actually take the time to try and create something real because if they aren't posting non stop, they can't get their likes up to make youtube money or get that sponsored gear. Maybe i'm just jaded but I no longer care what's in anyone's bag or want their top ten things I need to buy from their sponsors to succeed at creating something even they don't create.

Patrick De Braekeler's picture

I can't say it better. Total waste of time. It's about time that people can rate youtube info and that the viewers can filter on low ratings.

Grant Watkins's picture

Nobody forces you to watch the videos.