Panasonic G100 Versus the Canon M50 and Sony ZV-1: Which Is the Best Vlogging Camera?

So far, this year has been a relatively crazy one. Fortunately, micro four-thirds might not be completely dead just yet. Panasonic, recently released the G100, a camera that's being pitched to YouTubers and vloggers. 

For a lot people that create content for YouTube, having a camera with good autofocus and a flip-out touch screen is extremely useful. The flip-out screen is useful because it allows vloggers to see their composition while on the move. I mean sure, an external monitor could do the trick too but it's just less convenient. In my view, Canon tends to do the best job in this regard. The two reasons for this are that Canon's dual pixel autofocus is brilliant and also Canon is one of the very few companies that offer a full and proper touch screen. 

In a recent video, Tony Northrup compares the latest vlogging camera from Panasonic the G100 to the Canon M50 and the Sony ZV-1. On paper, the Canon might be the best option due to its much larger sensor, a flip-out touch screen and the incredible DPAF, however, the other cameras may have a few features that could be useful too.

Check out the video linked above to see how well each camera stacks up against one another.  

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Peter Perry's picture

You know, most people don’t really want to hear what this clown has to say, not sure why you put him front and center.

Usman Dawood's picture

As with most people, I don't agree with him all the time, however, I think he's a brilliant teacher and offers very useful info. I started my career watching his videos, so he's done a lot for me.

Erpillar Bendy's picture

He defamed a great photographer, with a video full of mistakes and misinterpretations, if not outright lies.

Deleted Account's picture

"I started my career watching his videos, so he's done as lot."

At this point, I am uncertain as to whether you are a narcissist.

Usman Dawood's picture

I don't think complimenting someone else makes you a narcissist. If anything that's the opposite of what a narcissist would do.


Oh I see what you mean, you assumed that I was saying helping me was a big deal. Serves me right for trying to defend someone online lol.

I meant for me. What you took from my comment was so far from what I was thinking, I didn't even realise, but I see how that happened. Next time I'll be more clear.

Deleted Account's picture

Yes, that was your sentence construction.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

I hope you realise this is just your opinion which makes it far from being truth.

Peter Perry's picture

Except it’s not just my opinion. His comment sections are filled with people the think the guy is a complete joke and I’m convinced that without Chelsea he would have almost no followers.

Pieter Batenburg's picture

Well, there are more jokes with followers in the USA.Some even lie on a daily basis and even they have supporters.

Ben Coyte's picture

I am not sure why the people who comment the most about Tony videos are the ones who all say he is not worth watching.

Peter Perry's picture

Doesn’t mean we are watching them... Usually it means that YouTube tried to force his channel on us again.

Spy Black's picture

I didn't watch the video (a bit long for the moment), I will say that for me the G100 represents the first M4/3 camera in a long time that reverts to what made M4/3 attractive in the first place, size. I think the out of gate price is too high, but if it drops to about $500 it will be in my street shooting tool kit, right along my GM5 and E-M10 Mk II, two other cameras that in my view make M4/3 a worthwhile format. From what I've seen about it so far it appears to be quite miserable as a vlogging camera, not sure what they were thinking about on that front, but as a street shooter that sucker is custom made.