Polaroid Changes The Game With In-The-Lens Camera Sensors

Polaroid Changes The Game With In-The-Lens Camera Sensors

On December 17th, Fstoppers briefly introduced you to Polaroid's upcoming IM1836 (dumb name for such an innovative product). But what we didnt know at the time was that this camera is not only the first camera to feature interchangeable lenses and Android Jellybean, but also the first camera to have the sensor built right into the lens instead of the camera's body. Polaroid is hoping to eliminate sensor dust that is caused by changing your lenses by putting the sensor in the lens itself. Very cool idea, no doubt it causes the lens's price to increase but what a cool concept! Who knows, one day all these rocket-shaped dust blowers I have can finally retire and fly through outer-space like they've always dreamed of doing. via dvice

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This is not the first "in the lens" sensor system. Ricoh did it first, all the way back in 2010, with the GXR. On top of being first, Ricoh also offers an aps-c In The Lens sensor unit. The best part is that this is an almost complete carbon copy of the Nikon J1 body.

Ricoh FTW!

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... and in the photo: it seems to me that the sensor is in the body.

Nah, it's just the shutter. They're still working on how to make it work with the sensor in the lens and the shutter in the body... ;)

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Why sould the shutter be placed BEHIND the sensor? Wouldn't be that... useless shit?

Exactly. Maybe we should let Polaroid know about this before they proceed with further development?

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Cool, Now lenses will be even more expensive.

Although, It could lead to some interesting things, Like IR sensors. You could take IR photos with out having to permanently modify your camera.

Polaroid trying to still stay relevant.  I don't think the average user will care where the sensor is placed.  Photo geeks/wonks is not the target market for this camera. 

Jellybean and the app used to post to Facebook and Instagram will sell this camera.

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Something looks wrong there, why have matt black coating on the camera body innards and the typical stepped rebate leading to what looks like a sensor surface if the unit is actually sealed within the lens itself?

yes, and why have a hole at the back of the lens for images to be projected onto a sensor when the sensor is already in the lens? this post and the picture just doesn't make sense

This cannot possibly be true. First, the cameras they have at CES are non-functional so that's why the back of the lens is blacked out, second, this camera is said to be compatible with many other micro 4-thirds lenses through use of an adapter.. so there would be a sensor in the lens and a sensor in the body for your 3rd party lenses? I doubt  that

I stand corrected, its mentioned in the official press release, but the design still looks like they changed their mind at the last minute

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I'll wait till they put the viewfinder in the lens also....

Eventually it will be like a phone camera, but without the phone.

Am I the only one here that remembers that a similar "technology" was presented at the 2011 CES, and that the video turned out to be fake? Anyone?

<a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgBl0ejQ8c0" rel="nofollow">Video link (youtube)</a>

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Interesting. I wonder if Polaroid put the sensor in the lens in this fashion to encourage phone makers to adopt the lens interface. Then you could use your phone and pop on a Polaroid lens. That could be cool.

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