Pro Photographer Demonstrates How He Uses Filters to Produce Vivid and Striking Portraits

If you're a landscape or architectural photographer, you're probably quite used to using filters to control the look of your images. A good polarizing filter, for instance, can have a dramatic impact on your image. Portrait photographers, for the most part, tend not to use a lot of filters, and this could an area where they could experiment more. 

In his latest video, Alexis Cuarezma discusses some of the techniques and methods that help him produce many of his incredible portraits. As someone who is an accomplished and clearly talented photographer, I think the information he has to offer could be extremely useful to both experienced and aspiring photographers. 

What I find noteworthy about Cuarezma is the fact that none of his points or discussions are about how sharp or detailed the image is. Almost no points are made about image quality, and pretty much everything is based on the story of the image. The way he uses filters is entirely dependent on the look he's trying to achieve or the story behind the image. These are the crucial elements behind a great image, and this is why I think it's important to see how photographers like Cuarezma produce their results. 

I highly recommend you subscribe to this channel and watch his content, especially if you're trying to improve your work and be a better photographer. 

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Pro Mist is the SH*T.

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One of my favorites among many others :)