Profoto Announces the Profoto B10 Plus: Is the B1X Finished?

Profoto Announces the Profoto B10 Plus: Is the B1X Finished?

Profoto has just launched the B10 Plus, a 500w/s on-location strobe that outmatches the recently released B10 while retaining most of the previous strobe’s design cues. With a well developed back panel display, a svelte body design, and a more powerful light output, is there any room for the B1X in Profoto’s lineup?

The main changes from the Profoto B10 AirTTL to the B10 Plus AirTTL is a reduction in full power flash pops from 400 on the B10 to 200 on the B10 Plus. Both will be able to use the same batteries so if adding this strobe to your arsenal you don’t have to worry about mixing and matching batteries. I also think that this is an opening for Profoto to sell a new larger battery, eventually. 

The overall dimensions and weight have also increased. The weight from the B10 to the B10 Plus has grown from 3.3 pounds to 4.2 pounds. The width and height have stayed the same as the B10 with 2.4 inches being added to the overall length of the B10 Plus to accommodate the power increase of the light now being 9.3 inches. 

Lastly, the B10 Plus’ full power flash recycle time has been only slightly increased by a hair over the current B10 from 2 seconds to 2.5 seconds. Overall a pretty good specification while keeping the platform and battery of the original light that can only be seen as a new “family” of lighting being developed by Profoto. 

Check out the Profoto launch video featuring Marie Bärsch:

So where does that leave the Profoto B1X AirTTL with this new competitor for the top Profoto on-location strobe? The Profoto B1X AirTTL is a 30 percent larger strobe by weight and size that, if the B10 Plus is actually double the power of the B10, still a half stop less powerful. To check out the testing of the Profoto B10, B1, and Godox AD200 head to head comparison go to my previous article. To re-iterate, the B10 was only half a stop less powerful than a Profoto B1 AirTTL in this testing (the B1 and B1X have the same power ranges but the B1X has a better battery, HSS throughout the power range, and a brighter modeling light as noted in that article.) In fact I predicted in that linked article in the last sentence of the second last paragraph that the B10 Plus should be coming out to rectify the B1 and B1X design issues. 

So is there enough of a reason for Profoto to hold onto the B1X in it’s line-up or are we seeing a new family of Profoto strobes emerging and the end of the B1X and likely B2 line? For another prediction, will we see a 1,000w/s B10 Plus-esque light in 2020? Would that be an option that Profoto would eventually offer? With this invigoration of a new option with the B10 Plus, is Profoto going to be able to capitalize on the momentum of the B10? 

Let us know know if you’re looking at purchasing the B10 Plus and adding it to your on-location kit.

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William Howell's picture

I can’t believe the wonderfully fabulous markup on the B-10 Plus, brava Profoto, brava! Oh and Profoto, I must say your primitive and simplistic remote control is really “retro” and a superb homage to the late 1980’s, well worth the, some say, exorbitantly stunning cost!
Well that is the cost one must bear to own a quality piece of equipment... or is it?

What if told you that you could get the same reliability and service as Profoto for a quarter of the price? And what if I told you that the remote control for this strobe light system is a modern, built for twenty-first century and beyond, remote with a light meter built in, for half the cheddar?
Sound intriguing?
The light system I’m writing about is none other than Norman! No, just kidding, I’m talking about Paul C. Buff!
I think these lights and remote from Buff are the best, especially when one factor’s in acquisition fees.
And as Apke wrote “Paul C. Buff” “the best light ever.”

Akpe ododoru's picture

😂🤣👍🏿...Dude if you ever travel to the UK, make sure to let me know so i take you out for a drink so we talk about lights...lololol

William Howell's picture

That would be super cool!

Nicolas Meunier's picture

You made me laugh so much with Paul C Buff as reliable as Profoto! ;) They stop importing Paul C Buff in Europe because their was so much default unit to send back, that it cost too much... ;)

Nicolas Meunier's picture

I have tried the B10Plus... it is 1/2 stop more powerfull than the B1X.

JT Blenker's picture

That's great to hear and have a real world comparison!

Jon Miller's picture

I have the B1 and will be adding 2 x B10 PLus to my lighting system. I was going to add 2 x B1X as they are cheaper here, however, I hear that Profoto may in 12-18 month phase those out. I thought the new firmware up the number of flashes of the B10 Plus from 200 to 400, can this be confirmed?

JT Blenker's picture

I have not seen any information about an increase in the amount of total flashes via a firmware update. I wouldn’t be surprised if Profoto eventually offered a larger battery but nothing from Profoto on either yet.