Reports of the Death of the DSLR Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

As a lot of photographers anxiously await the release of professional full frame mirrorless cameras from Canon and Nikon, a lot of people are climbing the bell tower to toll the death knell for the DSLR. Such a reaction might be a bit premature.

Coming to you from James Popsys, this great video essay gives his thoughts on the impending turning point the industry is probably approaching as Canon and Nikon finally get serious and release professional-level mirrorless cameras. Personally, while I'm excited to see what they have in store simply because I'm a geek, I don't think this is the moment DSLRs suddenly become extinct; in fact, I don't think there's any such moment that'll happen suddenly. I do think that if Canon and Nikon get it right (and by "get it right," I mean that they create cameras that both reasonably compete with Sony and leverage their massive head starts in lens libraries already in the hands of photographers), this will be the moment we look back on in ten years or so as the start of the revolution. Either way, I'm really looking forward to what the next few months have in store for the photography community. 

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I won't switch if Canon's pro ML body is small to match Sony bodies. I've stated this in other similar threads, the Sony cameras are akin to holding a toy; they just feel lousy in hand. It's subjective for sure, but I do like the heft and mass of my 5DIV and III before that, battery grip included.

Fuji's GFX 50 is a choice I'd make in a second had I the dinars to buy one. It's a little different feel than the Canon, but it has that heft and size I like, especially with the excellent grip that Fuji designed for it. It's not ML that keeps me from the FF ML cameras, it's the in hand ergonomics that is the deal breaker.

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I have started saving for 1dxiii

Every time I read articles like this I'm amazed that all the focus is on the camera. Yes I agree that Sony and Fuji have made incredible technological advances in the cameras. I'm looking for a system. I have Canon's system. I have great lenses with 3-4 stop IS capabilities(maybe it's 4-5 stop) and some fast lenses. Then there is the flash system. The 600 EX with nearly full swivel and plenty of tilt and most important wireless and settings that are changeable with my camera. This much compatibility between camera, lens, and flash didn't happen overnight. I have read so many posts about the third party lenses and flash for Sony and Fuji with adapters and this setup or that setup..... but mostly about the failures of these workarounds. Both Sony and Fuji have a long way to go to get to full compatibility throughout. Yes, I do realize that some have made the switch and all is fabulous. Just my two cents.......

DSLR style bodies will not go extinct if the mirror dies - as there are already DSLR-style mirrorless cameras. I do not see any reason why Canon or Nikon could not go mirrorless by only putting an EVF into the exiting bodies.

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Things I need to take a photo : lens, photosensitive medium, shutter, stuff around a shutter.

Things I love about film SLR : they only have 3 settings.

Things I love about (Nikon) DSLR : I can use my lenses on both my film and digital SLRs.

Things I don't like about gear : storing, carying, expenses, cleaning, charging.

Things I work with everyday : computers.

Things I don't want my camera to become : a computer.

Seems that I'm not anywhere close to switch or, more accurately, duplicate my glass with mirrorless.