Save $500 on This Incredible Camera

Save $500 on This Incredible Camera

Summer is here, and with it has come some incredible savings available to you. Our friends at BH Photo are currently advertising this brilliant camera with $500 off. 

The Nikon Z8 usually retails at $3,996 but with $500 off, this beast of a camera can be yours for just $3,496.

Packed full of features, the Nikon Z8 has a 45.7MP Full Frame Stacked CMOS sensor and is capable of shooting 20 frames per second in RAW and up to 120 frames per second in JPEG (11MP). Whether you shoot portraits, landscapes, sport, or wildlife, this beast of a camera has something for everyone. 

The Nikon Z8 also features Pre-Release Capture which records frames for up to a second prior to releasing the shutter, this is a great feature to help ensure you do not miss any of the action!

Nikon Z8
When it comes to video performance, this camera is no slouch. It records internal 8K60 and 4K120 video, as well as 12-bit N-RAW and ProRes RAW video. So, if photography is not your forte, this camera is amazing for videographers, and I am sure it will only get more exciting following Nikon's takeover of RED cameras. 

The Nikon Z8 at this price is a fantastic deal and would look great in your hands! You know you want too!

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Greg Sheard is a Scottish based photographer, focusing on wildlife, landscape and portrait work. Greg's mission in life is too help those who suffer with mental health issues and be a voice for the millions of people around the world who need that care, attention and awareness.

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The Z8 looks really good. I just wish they had made it a little smaller compared to Sony

My main camera is Sony which is great but I do think the ergonomics on Nikon are nicer, especially if you have large hands 😁

I will add that B&H is currently selling the Nikon D850, the DSLR comparable to the Z8 for $2196.95 which is a discount of $800 off the retail list price. Without debating the merits of DSLR vs mirrorless, I've been shooting with the D800 for about eleven years and have yet to run up against a situation where I felt like I was handicapped by my camera. I've considered buying a D850 for at least a year or so as the price bounced around a bit. Alas I've had to replace my 44" printer a couple months ago, and replace the roof on my house just before that... so I'm not in the mood at this moment to write out another big check. In fact, if my D800 died, I'd consider getting the same camera. Last I checked, I can get a used one in excellent condition and low shutter count for about $600. I suppose that arguably low price is due to the hysteria of everyone believing they have to switch to mirrorless or risk be labeled a dinosaur.

Absolutely nothing wrong with the D850 :) I actually considered writing about that sale first, but then saw the Z8 on sale as well so opted for that first.

Both are incredible cameras in their own right. When I was shooting with the D500, I really wanted the D850 as well, but then ended up switching to Sony mirrorless.

The D800 is one incredibly underrated deal of a camera right now. I have an 800e and it is a TON of camera for the money. I thought I was getting a fantastic deal when I bought mine for $800 used and now they're as cheap as $600. It's incredible how much camera you can get for the money these days. I could only dream of getting gear like this for so cheap back when I started photography.

It was 2013 and I went to B&H online needing a new tripod. I had been drooling over the new Nikon 36 megapixel camera for some time but I've always avoided buying new things until the old thing broke, and my Olympus E3 had been still working fine. But before I logged out of B&H that day, I spent well over $5000 for the tripod, D800E, and 24-120 F4 lens. Everything still works great, so I'd say I've gotten my money's worth. I've acquired a few other lenses along the way but probably still make 90% of my images with that 24-120 lens.