Segway + Steadicam = Steadiseg > Everything

Watch Larry McConkey prep for Scorsese's next movie with the Arri Alexa. No this is not a movie prop, what you are looking at is real.

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That's about the coolest piece of video equipment I have ever seen! Nice find.

I would love to see the footage taken with it also!

They use a similar setup at the British Open this weekend. I was amazed when I saw the guy riding his segway with his steadicam following one of the golfers.

I've been wondering how long it would take til these popped up. It's about time!

Wish I had one of those!

Brilliant, there is a real use for these things after all !

They used that combination at the Eurovision last year.

Oh, and I assume you realise that Arri Alexa is the name of the camera, not the person like your description seems to imply.

They've been doing this at golf events for years now. Yawn.