Sigma Announces the fp, the World’s Smallest Full-Frame Mirrorless Camera

Sigma has freshly announced their new camera, which is officially “the world’s smallest and lightest ‘pocketable full-frame’ camera.” It also records 4K video.

As well as announcing three much-anticipated lenses, the company unveiled their new L-mount Sigma fp. It had previously been announced that an L-mount camera was coming, but the specifications are largely a surprise. The camera measures just 112.6 × 69.9 × 45.3mm and weighs only 370 g (422 g with the battery and SD card inserted). The mechanical shutter was left out, helping to further reduce its overall weight.

The Sigma FP is loaded with a backlit 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor, the first time the company has ventured from Foveon sensors. It comes complete with 24.6 effective megapixels.

Being Sigma’s first camera to shoot video, it shoots up to 4K 24 fps 12-bit CinemaDNG. There’s a dedicated Cine mode which allows you to use a variety of special functions inspired by professional cinema cameras. There’s even a heat sink between the LCD and camera body, despite the camera’s tiny size.

As for still image capabilities, it features an electronic shutter, meaning quiet shooting is possible. The burst mode can handle up to 18 fps. In regards to ISO, users can expect 100 to 25,600. It’s expandable, and in this case, it goes from ISO 6 to ISO 102,400.

Finally, it also includes a 3.2-inch 2.1M-dot touchscreen, SD card slot, HDMI port, flash sync port, mic and headphone ports, USB 3.1 port, and remote shutter port.

You can expect the fp in fall of this year. Check out the video for more.

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Alex Cooke's picture

ISO 6!?

Robert Nurse's picture

You know the old saying, "If you have to ask, ..."

David Stephen Kalonick's picture


Lane Shurtleff's picture

Sigma doesn't want you buying their cameras anyway...

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

100% Never buying any Sigma product. 😂 Ever.

David Stephen Kalonick's picture

100% Never buying anything made by Sigma. 😂 So...

Rob Mitchell's picture

Doesn't even come with a Nikon mount option. DEAL BREAKER


Adriano Brigante's picture

Correction: World’s Smallest Full-Frame Mirrorless *digital* Camera. It's still bigger than the Rollei 35, the Minox 35 and the Olympus XA. But those didn't record 4K video, I'll give you that. ;)

That's not a headphone jack on the side it's a shutter release.

Hans Rosemond's picture

Cool! But pocketable? Is there an L-mount pancake lens?

No IBIS is the only negative 😔

Jeff McCollough's picture

Wouldn't use it.

blessing x's picture

Would trade AF for IBIS any day.

Jeff McCollough's picture

That's why we have gimbals haha.

Actually IBIS ,is a game changer , i have 2 gimbals. Okay iuse them to get some follow shots . But gh5 ibis , god damn when i took some b roll in city or food (handheld) compare to when i do it with my 6Dmk2 (shitty ibis) its night/day. Gimbal is good for following people or make some pan and prepared stuff . But when you wanna just release your camera from your bag to take a slow mo shot of something. (specially how tiny this camera is ) Me too i would trade AF for IBIS !

It's really small!

Kawika Lopez's picture

12-Bit 4k? Sheesh. Sony better bring it with the A7s III cuz the field is getting hot!

Why is no one talking about the flash that looks like it connects through HDMI???

Look at 00:46 or every time the music does that little flourish.

marc gabor's picture

Sweet video

marc gabor's picture

Can someone please make a SQUARE sensor camera? It would make so much sense for a concept like this where the intention is to build the camera. Not having to rotate the camera would be such a blessing. Vertical video? square video?! using digital masks on the the screen to see your composition would be so easy to do. Hasselblad, Mamiya and Rolleiflex understood the advantages of using a square format a million years ago. Time to bring it back.

Spy Black's picture

Nice video. So smart of those boys NOT to use Foveon.That's a smart design from Sigma, I bet that little sucker will go far.

Rob Davis's picture

They're supposedly going to release a Foveon version of this. I love the results of Foveon sensors. I started out shooting film so I’m not bothered by a base ISO camera. My DP2 Quattro is like having a pocket medium format camera.

Spy Black's picture

Yeah, the Foveon version will sell to guys like yourself, everyone else will stick with standard, practical and useful sensors.

Rob Davis's picture

I think the word you’re looking for is “basic.”

Barrie Grieve's picture

This is going to be the perfect partner to the upcoming FF Foveon camera next year or if you went that route a Panasonic S1R, small enough to fit in the corner of you camera bag and uses the same lenses as your main camera. Personally I don't like shooting video and my phone is good enough for me most of the time but this has grabbed my attention. Plus, if the FF Foveon camera looks remotely like this (scaled up for a bigger battery, Foveons are power hungry) I'm DEFINITELY getting it to replace my clunky old SD1 Merrill.

Gilmour Dickson's picture

Shame about the flash sync speed.... 1/30th. Idiosyncratic and interesting Sigma

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