Sigma Is Producing a High-Resolution Camera With a Unique Sensor Next Year

Sigma Is Producing a High-Resolution Camera With a Unique Sensor Next Year

Sigma just introduced the fp, a remarkably small full frame mirrorless camera, but it seems the company is only just getting started. Next year, they'll be releasing a high-resolution mirrorless camera that takes advantage of a niche sensor technology that produces very sharp images.

If you're ever shot with any of Sigma's cameras that use a Foveon sensor, you know that they produce stunningly sharp images. The Foveon sensor is fundamentally different from the more standard Bayer sensor. Whereas the Bayer sensor uses different photosites for red, green, and blue wavelengths, the Foveon sensor is stacked, with each photosite receiving all three and relying on the different depths to which each corresponding wavelength will penetrate to separate them. While these sensors produce great images at base ISO, the cameras Sigma put them in were known for being slow and not particularly flexible, especially given their fixed lenses, plus Foveon sensors tend to have very poor high-ISO performance. Nonetheless, Sigma is planning a 60-megapixel L-mount mirrorless camera with such a sensor for next year. While it's unclear if the high-ISO performance will be improved, surely, usability and speed will be better, and having the ability to take advantage of the L mount's library of lenses could make it an intriguing studio camera for those looking for high resolution and excellent image quality. 

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marc gabor's picture

I love the images produced from Sigmas Foveon sensors but L-mount?? seriously sooooo expensive. I mean I get it, there are really great modern lenses being made in this mount. But are so many affordable Nikon F mount lenses that perform really well. I wish there was an option or that there was some universal mount that was made to be modular and customized to whatever you need it to be.

blessing x's picture

Sigma and Panasonic are making l-mount lenses, not just Leica. You can adapt a ton of lenses. I don’t get the problem compared to any modern mirrorless mount.

Sorry to tell you this, Marc, but Nikon's F-mount is has basically been obsoleted by its Z-mount. No future mirrorless cameras will adopt F-mount.

Michael Jin's picture

Well, they are a part of the "L-Mount Alliance" so it's pretty logical that they would make L-Mount cameras...

Logan Cressler's picture

If only it was a mirrorless camera that you could adapt to just about any mount you wanted.... We can only wish I guess

Hopefully price will be reasonable at launch.

"Sigma put them in were known for being slow and not particularly flexible, especially given their fixed lenses..."
Erm, the sd line don't have fixed lenses. They've been around for ages.

David Anderson's picture

They have my attention.
Yes, the original DP's were a pain, but the image quality was amazing for the pixel count and I also like the colour.

I'd like Sigma to break into the cinema camera market before making a 60 megapixel still camera.

The Sigma fp camera can potentially record internal raw video after a firmware upgrade. If they put that camera in a video-centric case with XLR audio inputs it would make a good cinema camera without needing much development cost.

Rob Davis's picture

I would love a Foveon cinema camera. If they do end up making a Foveon version of the FP, I’m hoping it will have some movie capabilities.

Rob Davis's picture

The FP is interesting, but I still want them to focus on Foveon sensors. They don’t have to compete with conventional sensors on ISO, but faster autofocus and better out-of-camera JPG and TIFF would be attainable yet meaningful improvements.

Michael Jin's picture

I wouldn't mind having a full-frame Foveon camera for use in the studio.

Guys dont worry about price, its a Sigma. It will be probably be release with a price of 6k usd, but if you are patient in probably 5 months price will drop to 1k usd or less.....