Sigma Says It Will Start Making Smaller Lenses

Sigma Says It Will Start Making Smaller Lenses

In a refreshingly candid and open interview with DPReview, Sigma’s Chief Executive Officer, Kazuto Yamaki, has given an insight into how the Japanese lens and camera manufacturer is performing, and revealed some of its plans for the future.

Perhaps one of the most exciting pieces of news to emerge from this wide-ranging interview is that Sigma plans to start making smaller lenses. The company has carved a reputation for high-quality breeze blocks in recent years, producing a number of well-received Art lenses that have impressed professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Yamaki explains that they will continue making glass for “very serious photographers” but will add an additional line of lenses that are high quality “but much more compact.” Yamaki cites the 45mm f/2.8 as an example, explaining that Sigma aims to begin catering for “those who need smaller, stylish, high-quality products.”

As someone who enjoys smaller lenses, this is great news. I also had the chance to test the new Sigma 24-70mm f/2.8 recently — a buyable beast with beautiful bokeh — and was more than impressed. It’s no wonder that demand for the new lens is proving difficult to meet.

Be sure to read the interview in full as there are some interesting insights into the shift towards mirrorless, the success of the Sigma fp, and the plans for the Foveon sensor full-frame camera.

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Ryan Ringstad's picture

I would love to see a true pancake e mount full frame lens

The Samyang 35mm f2.8 comes pretty close in my opinion. I belive they also have a 24mm pancake.

Ryan Ringstad's picture

I actually have the 24 f2.8 precisely because it’s so compact but it’s still not as small as pancake.

I do like that lens though. Use it all the time.

Other option I am interested in trying the APS-C 20mm f/2.8 which is sized like a true pancake. Obviously it won’t cover the entire sensor and corners won’t be sharp but I’ve seen pics from those who’ve tested it and it doesn’t seem too bad. Can always click into aps-c mode too.

Marius Pettersen's picture

Would be nice, but that won't happen - unless you want a super wide lens. Due to the reduced flange distance and the necessary distance from sensor to that sweet spot in the lens for any longer focal lengths. I don't think there is any more optical magic too be done to overcome the physical aspect, but please correct me if I'm wrong.

Are these smaller lenses still all AF or will they embrace the manual lens market too?? I know, next I will be asking for screw mounts too!! 😂

Wolfgang Post's picture

Glad to hear that they heard the voices. Art lenses might be impressive in performance but the weight is far from it. On the other hand, there are a few lens makers (7artisans) that make lovely small glass. But without at least aperture coupling this is not a useful option (to me). There's plenty of room between Voigtlander 20mm and Canon's 24mm and 40mm pancake glass. Keep them coming.

Kendall Lartigue's picture

I thought the headline was an April Fool's joke.

Alexander Ramos's picture

Given that Sigma's planning to manufacture lenses for m4/3, this is a great move. Not sure if they can take me away from my Olympus f1.8 trinity of 17, 25, and 45... we'll see! I dig their 17-50 f2.8 for APS-C (Pentax K Mount), but that thing's a beast.

It's nice to have annother lens maker for MFT but Sigma already makes some MFT lenses. In the last 10 years they didn't put much effort into it and I'm not sure what they could add to the already great line of small MFT lenses available from Panasonic and Olympus.

It’s all good, but... The “but” conjunction makes me curious about where the compromises land. Sigma’s comments strike me that there may be optical sacrifices to achieve compactness? Perhaps for Sony, Canon & Nikon mounts this may be true, but...! Lol! No worries!

As someone who used to believe image quality was more important than my wrists being sore and me having fun, this is good news to hear.

Breeze blocks?

JetCity Ninja's picture

cinder blocks. any brick with a formed opening to let air and light in.