Sit Back And Enjoy The Fall Colors Of Aspen, Colorado In This Motion Timelapse

Timelapse photographer and videographer Mike Kvackay took a trip over to Aspen a couple weekends ago to catch the yellow and red colors of the trees that peak during this time of the year. What better setting than Aspen, Colorado, near the Maroon Bells peaks? Check out the video and then read on to hear about Mike's setup for motion timelapses, and see a few more of his awesome timelapse videos.

Mike is originally from Chicago, but relocated out west to Montana and then Denver. He used an old Canon 7D and T2i with a variet of lenses for the photographs and video clips. The dolly he used for motion was a slidetrack dolly setup.

For the Maroon Bells timelapse videos, Mike said that most of the vantage points he found through looking at google maps, but he also went old-school and used a topographical atlas to aid his location scouting.

Here are some more of Mike's timelapses– grab a coffee and go full screen to enjoy some these great timelapse videos.


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Christian Berens's picture

I want to go to Colorado now....
Very nice video and nicely put together!

Jay Kan's picture

So beautiful, makes me want to shoot time lapse! The music matched perfectly too. Amazing work!