Someone Finally Spotted Shooting with a Hasselblad Lunar

Someone Finally Spotted Shooting with a Hasselblad Lunar

So the Hasselblad Lunar, after being announced last year, hasn't been met with much critical acclaim. Many photographers were quick to point out that it's just a re-skinned Sony NEX camera for a heck of a price increase. Others were more willing to forgive the guts, but attack the design. Whatever the case, filmmaker David Lynch might be the first photographer we've seen using the camera.

Lynch was photographing Trent Reznor after a music video shoot for Nine Inch Nails' latest single. It's kind of a cool set, though the music video he was shooting for might be my least favorite video ever (I'm not posting it here because it's hard on the eyes, but if you want to see it head over to Youtube). Whatever the case, below are a pair of images with the remainder found at Rob Sheridan's blog.

lunar 1

Lunar 2

Though Sony Alpha Rumors kind of makes you think the music video was shot on the Lunar, I'm not sure it was. The blog is tagged "Canon 5DM3" and nowhere do could I find any statement that the video was shot on the Lunar.

[Via Rob Sheridan via SonyAlphaRumors]

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RUSS T.'s picture

lol someone was bound to buy the damned thing.
People will buy most anything....
Hope it works nice....

hahaha--- a moron.....

Rodrigo De Anda's picture

Do you even know who's David Lynch? Joke's on you

Hasselblad probably paid him to use it.

I wouldn't be surprised. Can't be any other way.

Ariel Martini's picture

but this second pic is a mk3, isn't it ?

john pritchett's picture

Watched the video. Even a great director with an expensive camera can make junk.

Title is incorrect. It should read Sony NEX-7 Hasselblad Edition.

Jaron Schneider's picture

har har har

It's not a 'Hasselblad'. Victor would be mortified I suspect. It's just another private equity investment group trying to leech as much value out of the brand as they can, while they can. Zero innovation, zero goodwill being added to the company, only depleted until it runs out. Only a fool would buy this: I hope Lynch was given it, but after watching that video, I fear he's gone mad... as have I.

Where can i see the final photo of this shooting ?