Sony Predicts Canon and Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Are Coming Soon, Canon Confirms It's 'On the Offensive'

Sony Predicts Canon and Nikon Full-Frame Mirrorless Are Coming Soon, Canon Confirms It's 'On the Offensive'

It's not exactly news that Sony and Fujifilm are progressing by leaps and bounds with their mirrorless offerings, while many are staring at Canon and Nikon, waiting for a response. A Sony executive recently predicted that just such a response is coming soon, and Canon confirmed it. 

DPReview recently sat down with Kenji Tanaka, Senior General Manager of the Digital Imaging Business Group at Sony, during which he predicted that by CP+ 2019 (likely held in early March), both Canon and Nikon will have entered the full-frame mirrorless market. As I write this, both companies are likely trying to address the issue of flange distance and if this means they'll have to abandon the huge lead they hold in lens libraries or embrace larger mirrorless models or adapters. Nonetheless, I think few will argue that regardless of what they decide, they need to enter the market sooner rather than later. 

For their part, Canon has been increasingly adamant that they're taking mirrorless seriously and putting significant resources toward research and development. At a recent corporate conference, CEO Fujio Mitarai said that Canon will "go on the offensive" to take a bigger share of the mirrorless market, with the overall goal of a 50 percent share of the total ILC market. Altogether, it looks like the next year will be a very interesting one for photographers.

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thomas Palmer's picture

50% market share ? That's sweet

jonas y's picture

Somehow they just keep pumping out cameras with 4k video functions but with a crop.

Canon will also have to design better sensors. Nikon should also seek a second manufacturer of sensors as I can envision Sony looking them out at a certain point. The industry, the market, is not helped by one company dominating the sensor business.

Nikon's D850 does NOT use a Sony sensor.

I never mentioned a specific camera.

I was illustrating the fact Nikon has sought a second manufacturer. On, they gave some evidence (which I can't remember) that the upcoming mirrorless would use the same sensor manufacturer. I seem to recall it being a company based in Israel.

Sure, that's fine, and very good of them to do so, but as far as I know most of their sensors are made by Sony.

Edit: I forgot to mention that I see that the company designed it, but I couldn't find any info on who is actually manufacturing it. If it is still Sony then that is not good.

Yeah, most are manufactured by Sony. I don't think that's a problem if, as you stated, they have a second manufacturer.
I can't prove it but was under the impression, the Israeli company did the manufacturing.

That's just it, I don't know that they do have a second manufacturer. All I know is most of their sensors are made by Sony, which is not a good thing if it stays that way.

I'm leaning towards it not being manufactured by the same company that designed it as I'm not aware of that kind of manufacturing infrastructure in tiny Israel.

Allen Morris's picture

TowerJazz is the Israeli sensor manufacturer.

I couldn't remember the name. Thanks.

Simon Patterson's picture

I saw rumors of this online, but it appears those rumors may have been started by the guy who was confident the d850 was going to have a hybrid ovf/evf. Do you have a credible source that confirms Towerjazz is the manufacturer of the d850's sensor?

Allen Morris's picture

No I don’t. Just responding to Sam forgetting the name of the Israeli company.

I wonder if a tear down would reveal the manufacturer? Not that I recommend anyone do that!

Simon Patterson's picture

I've been hoping someone will do a tear down on a d850 and provide the answer, but, if they have, my very quick googling didn't reveal it.

I must admit, if I had a d850, the last thing I'd consider doing is pulling it apart to isolate the sensor from its surrounds!

Allen Morris's picture

Agreed! I’m content with knowing it’s an amazing sensor without pulling it apart to check.

....and Canon's sensor is no slouch compared to Sony.

Spy Black's picture

What do you mean by "sensor"? While pretty much every Sony sensor is, literally, spectacular, there are only two sensors I know that Canon makes that are comparable, one in in a $6000 camera, and the other is in the Mk IV.

Mike Leland's picture

I agree! I think the sensor in my 1D Mk IV is pretty good!

Fritz John Asuro's picture

Think Spy Black meant 5D Mk IV

Spy Black's picture

Both, actually. :-) But yes, 5D Mk IV.

Most are, which is what they usually get slammed on, alongside limited video.

Josh Leavitt's picture

I hope they start taking mirrorless seriously. Canon's M50 took a lot of hate, but I think it's a step in the right direction, and the only improvements they need in video are 4k with full-frame sampling (no crop). Their C-Log and DPAF are industry leading from what I can tell. And Nikon have everything to gain by going full-frame mirrorless. But I would really appreciate it if they made a Df II as a swan song for the FX mount.

+1 on a DF2 but not as a swan song. I would give up photography before using a mirrorless camera. It's fine for everyone else.

Josh Leavitt's picture

I'm actually in the same boat. I love DSLRs because I have yet to find an EVF that can rival the clarity of a high-quality pentaprism. I think I'll be keeping my Canons for quite a while, but mirrorless seems to be the natural evolution of ILC photography, so I'll have to upgrade eventually. By eventually, I'm thinking an 8k EVF with a 120Hz refresh rate and battery life of 900 shots per charge... It might be a while ;)

My reasoning is different. I get real joy when I photograph something. I feel connected to it. I can see it in ways I normally couldn't but the fact is, I'm really seeing it. With an EVF, no matter how good, I'll "know" I'm not really seeing it. No joy.

Allen Morris's picture

For daily shots I use a fuji X100F: mirrorless but with the option to look through an actual viewfinder (rangefinder-esque). Sorta best of both worlds, and the IQ is lovely.

But I get where you’re coming from. I then look through my dslr, or better yet a TLR film camera like my Rollei, and I’m like “oh yeah, that what taking photographs looks like!”

You're still seeing it through an EVF. You've simply convinced yourself that looking through an EVF somehow makes the process less enjoyable. The final results are of course no different.

Maybe I didn't state that correctly. I'm talking about DSLRs which do NOT have EVFs. I don't have to convince myself an experience is more or less enjoyable. It's easily discerned. And, while the results are theoretically no different, if I don't enjoy the process, it could easily affect my efforts and, therefore, the result.

Yes, of course you were talking about looking through an EVF. That,s what I'm addressing. And yes I believe it is a matter of convincing oneself one is better than the other. I used to feel the same way about earlier EVFs, and the onscreen keyboard I'm typing on right now. I say that's the likely situation.

I meant that my current cameras don't have EVFs. My feelings about them have nothing to do with the state of the technology but rather, the reality of the process. I hate typing anything on my phone which, by the way, is not very smart! :-)

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