Trump Impeachment Hearing Shows More Photographers Switching to Mirrorless and One Even Using a Large Format Film Camera

The Trump impeachment hearings began yesterday, and as you would expect, there was a veritable throng of press coverage. But in the past few years, the camera landscape has changed quite a bit, and it is quite interesting to see the sort of cameras being used by press photographers there.

A few years ago, any sort of political event was host to a flurry of rapidly firing DSLRs sounding like a mass of chattering teeth in a snowstorm. With the advent of mirrorless, the promise of truly silent shutters has been seen as a potential game-changer, though with press photographers and agencies deeply invested in Canon and Nikon DSLR systems, adoption rates have been slow. That was why I found it interesting to see multiple Sony cameras in the hands of press photographers at the proceedings — many more than I would have seen at a similar event even two years ago. One photographer, David Burnett, was even shooting with a wooden 4x5 large format camera.

You can see the various cameras in use by scrubbing through the above video of the proceedings to any shots showing the press photographers. You can see Burnett with his wooden large format film camera at the very beginning on the left, while at 3:26:00, you can see several photographers with Sony cameras and at least two with Canon cameras. Can you pick out any other brands? 

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Steve White's picture

The smart people are fully aware of the hearings about the many unethical or even criminal things the president may have done and that his partisan supporters will turn a blind eye so that the means can bring about the ends they're hoping for. The smart people also realize that that story is being thoroughly covered, by almost all news reporting sites, that it's being covered accurately by most of them, and that this site is about photography.

Timothy Turner's picture

If it's only about photography why didn't we see a 15 minute video of photo samples instead of a six hour video of the entire hearing, the fact that this article is about the hearing makes it more political than photography related, some of you don't give a rip about the state of our country as long as you have your precious mirror less camera.

Timothy Turner's picture

the down votes tell me that I am on the right track, thank you.

Anthony Cayetano's picture

Mirrorless cameras on the rise? Fake news!!!

On next impeachment we will see a full a array of smartphones, a few mirrorless, no DSLR, and still one 4x5 film camera...