[Video] With Your Help We Can Make The Largest Digital Camera Ever

Last year we had a meet up in Arizona and I was lucky enough to meet Zeke, a mechanical engineer who works on some of the most impressive digital cameras on the planet (and off the planet). I was able to hold one of these cameras and learn a thing or two about what it can do. These large cameras are mainly used in space to take exposures that last literally hours but Zeke told me that he wanted to make one of these into a working camera that any photographer could use (on planet earth).

Zeke explained that these sensors are so incredibly expensive, his company will not be willing to spend the money to produce this camera unless they see a large enough response. So guys, this comes down to you. If you can comment below and on Youtube and share this video on Facebook, Twitter, and your personal blogs, we may just be able to convince Spectral Instruments that this could be a valuable marketing move. If this camera ever does get made. I will fly anywhere in the world to do a photoshoot with it and film a BSTV. Let's make this happen people!

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WOW, mind officially blown. Meld that sensor onto the back of a Sinar F3 with a sweet lens and lets
see what portraits would look like with such a mega impressive sensor. I
can't see it being that much work to make a fitting that'd sit on the
filmplane of a 5x4 view or rail camera. Let Chase Jarvis at it. If he can do a sports shoot with a lego camera, just imagine what he'd do with this monster ^-^

Make sure there is space in the optical path for a LCD tunable filter for field sequential and hyperspectral color imaging.

Photographing stars and the sun in the same image would rock

This is awesome and needs to be built.We would love to use this. http://www.chameleonwebservices.co.uk/360-virtual-tours/

yes please! Sounds totally amazing.